Military-Political Dimension


According to the updated CICA Catalog of Confidence Building Measures (adopted by the Meeting of the CICA Ministers of Foreign Affairs on October 12, 2021), in order to ensure lasting stability, strengthen mutual confidence in the Military-Political Dimension, the Member States, while taking into account their legitimate security interests, can implement the following measures:

2.1.1   Exchange of information, the scope, feasibility and modalities of which will be agreed by the Member States concerned, in accordance with their national laws, regulations and policies, on the following:

a)    components of armed forces;

b)    defense budgets;

c)    presence of foreign military contingents on the territories of the Member States, if release of this information is permitted by the country deploying such a contingent;

d)    notification of planned military activities, including exercises with participation of foreign military contingents, where modalities and parameters of such notification are agreed upon by the Member States concerned.

2.1.2   Inviting observers from Member States to military exercises.

2.1.3   Considering mechanisms such as consultation on unexpected and hazardous incidents of a military nature, especially if such incidents occur in close proximity to the border areas of the Member States.

2.1.4   Developing the following forms of cooperation between their armed forces:

a)      mutual visits by the military authorities and representatives of defense colleges;

b)      mutual invitations for participation in national holidays, cultural and sport events;

c)      information exchange on CV’s of top military personnel;

d)      other forms of cooperation as agreed by the Member States.

2.1.5   Exchange of information on the status of their accession to or ratification of multilateral instruments on arms control and disarmament as well as conventions on the outer space. 


Coordinator: Kazakhstan Flag Kazakhstan

Co-coordinator: Turkey Flag Turkiye