External Relations

Guidelines for CICA’s External Relations


  1. As the CICA embarks on confidence building and cooperation, the initiation of contacts and links with regional and international organizations may support its efforts to enhance peace, security and economic development in Asia, and can contribute to the CICA's recognition within the international arena.
  2. The establishment of the Secretariat facilitated the creation of links between CICA and other fora and organizations in a productive and useful manner. These relations should focus on areas which are relevant and would contribute to the endeavors and objectives of the CICA.
  3. In this context, the CICA can gain insights into the efforts by other international and regional organizations and fora on the priority areas identified by the Cooperative Approach.

 The Way Forward

  1. To move ahead, the CICA should develop a framework for future external relations. Such framework should include principles, types of activities and procedures. The CICA may consider the following as guidelines for interaction.


  1. All decisions regarding the external relations are to be taken through consultation and by consensus, in accordance with the Almaty Act and those principles as enshrined in the Declaration of the Principles Guiding Relations among the CICA Member States.

Types of activities and Procedures

  1. The CICA Rules of Procedure provides the groundwork for enhancing external relations. It sets forth the bridging role of the CICA Chairman and procedures for other fora and organizations to attend as guests or observers in the CICA’s events and activities. To build upon the existing rules, types of activities and procedures for enhancing external linkages should include the following:

6.1 Types of activities

  1. a) Promoting contacts between the Chairmanship of the CICA and counterparts in other organizations and fora, and/or between the CICA Secretariat and the secretariats of other organizations;
  2. b) Inviting experts or representatives of other organizations and fora to give briefings on specific issues of interest to the CICA;
  3. c) Holding consultations and discussions with other organizations and fora, as appropriate;
  4. d) Encouraging dissemination of information on the CICA’s activities to other international and regional organizations and fora.

6.2 Procedures 

  1. a) Any proposal to establish external relations shall be addressed to the CICA Chairman through the CICA Secretariat.
  2. b) Upon receiving such proposals the CICA Secretariat will collect information and analyze the potential benefits in a report to be submitted for the consideration of the SOC.
  3. c) Upon the approval of the SOC, the CICA Chairman will proceed with establishing the relations with identified international or regional organization or forum, in accordance with terms as defined by the SOC.
  4. Considering the different characteristics of various organizations, the CICA may have to develop the modalities of linkages with specific organizations on a case-by-case basis.


  1. The modalities of and procedures for enhancing external relations are subject to review and amendment upon the agreement of the SOC, as the need arises.

 Bangkok, 14 March 2007

 Resolution adopted by the UN General Assembly

New York, 6 December 2007

62/77. Observer status for the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia in the General Assembly

The General Assembly,

Wishing to promote cooperation between the United Nations and the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia,

  1. Decides to invite the Conference on Interaction and Confidence-building Measures in Asia to participate in the sessions and the work of the General Assembly in the capacity of observer;
  2. Requests the Secretary-General to take the necessary action to implement the present resolution.

62nd plenary meeting

6 December 2007