Inclusiveness defines all of the activities of CICA.
CICA member states enjoy equal status and make decisions by consensus.

CICA Governing Bodies


Meetings of Heads of State or Government of CICA Member States, set priorities, take decisions and provide direction at the highest political level.

Ministerial Meeting

The meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of CICA states is the central decision-making and governing body of CICA.

Senior Officials Committee

The SOC meets as necessary at least once a year to follow up on previous CICA decisions, carry out consultations on the current CICA issues, oversee the work of Special Working Groups and co-ordinate the work of other meetings.

CICA Working Bodies

Special Working Group

The SWG studies specific issues, carries out the tasks mandated to it, and submits the results of its work to the Senior Officials Committee.

Experts Meeting

Experts Meetings are convened by the coordinator or co-coordinator Member State for a specific CBM in order to formulate draft documents and plans for its implementation and report to the SWG

Specialised Meeting

Member States may agree to convene meetings of other ministers or of the competent national agencies and institutions in order to discuss issues of a specific and/or technical nature. Opportunities are provided as necessary for academic and professional inputs and reports, as well as assistance and contributions to publications which CICA may decide to produce.

CICA Advisory Bodies

CICA Business Council

The CICA Business Council integrates representatives of business organizations and public authorities of the CICA Member States. It is responsible for promoting development and expansion of economic cooperation in the Small and Medium Entrepreneurship (SME) sphere, establishing direct ties and initiating dialogue between the representatives of the private sector and state bodies, and for engagement in all-round cooperation in the economic direction with the purpose of initiating a mutually beneficial regional economic cooperation.

CICA Youth Council

The CICA Youth Council is responsible for coordinating the activities of its member youth organizations, associations and movements of the CICA Member States. Its main objectives include promoting effective regional cooperation among national youth organizations, encouraging the youth of Member States to participate in implementation of youth policy, and promoting the development of civil culture and gender equality to implement the youth projects of CICA Member States.