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CICA Member States Entrust Azerbaijan with Chairmanship Role in 2024–2026

The CICA Ministerial Council has made a momentous decision, adopting Azerbaijan's Chairmanship for the 2024–2026 term and thereby determining the successor to Kazakhstan, current Chair since 2020.

Azerbaijan's bid for CICA Chairmanship in 2024–2026 was welcomed and strongly supported by all Member States.

As Chair, Azerbaijan will coordinate all CICA’s current business during the biennium and will host two highest-level CICA events - the Seventh Meeting of the CICA Ministerial Council in the second half of 2024, which will start the Azerbaijani Chairmanship, and the CICA Summit in 2026.

This decision underscores full trust of the CICA Member States and their appreciation of Azerbaijan’s commitment to promoting peace, stability, and cooperation across Asia.

Azerbaijan, a founding member of CICA, played a key role in the organization's inception. It was one of 15 states attending the First CICA Ministerial Meeting in Almaty in 1999, where CICA’s first founding document was signed - the Declaration on Principles Guiding Relations among CICA Member States.

Azerbaijan currently effectively carries out its responsibilities as the coordinator for implementing confidence building measures in the priority area of developing secure and effective transportation corridor systems, with support of co-coordinators China and India.

The helm of the CICA Chair was previously held by Kazakhstan, Türkiye, China and Tajikistan.



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