Essay contest on the topic: “The Future of Asia We Want: Ideas for the CICA Region”

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After careful evaluation of 31 outstanding essays from 8 countries, we are proud to announce the winners of the essay competition held under the theme “The Future of Asia We Want: Ideas for the CICA Region”.

The top works stood out for their depth of research, innovative ideas, and relevance to CICA's mission. They presented holistic visions for Asia's future, addressing key challenges and proposing concrete recommendations aligned with CICA's principles.

To ensure a fair and balanced evaluation of the submitted works, the competition jury was comprised of academic and governmental experts from the CICA Secretariat and Member States with experience in international security, multilateral cooperation, and regional development in Asia, including representatives from Bahrain, Bangladesh, China, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, and the Kyrgyz Republic.

Contestants tackled a wide array of themes, including environmental sustainability, economic development, cultural heritage, youth empowerment, technological innovation, and international diplomacy. The diverse perspectives and innovative ideas expressed will undoubtedly help inform future discussions within the CICA Youth Council, helping steer the organization towards a brighter future.

The CICA Secretariat extends its congratulations to the winners and heartfelt thanks to all participants for their valuable contributions to shaping the future of Asia.



1st Prize: Mr Mohammed Ahmed Ali Maki (Bahrain)

2nd Prize: Mr Rubiat Saimum (Bangladesh)

3rd Prize: Ms Aisulu Almash (Kazakhstan)

4th Place: Mr Tamirlan Kenzhebayev (Kazakhstan)

5th Place: Ms Papichaya Leenapaesanan (Thailand)


The winners will receive certificates from the CICA Secretariat. Furthermore, the first, second, and third prize winners will be awarded a financial prize. Additionally, the authors of the top five essays will receive certificates and have the opportunity for a short-term internship at the CICA Secretariat.

We look forward to continuing our efforts in fostering intellectual exchange and providing a platform for the vibrant voices within the CICA region.


Best regards,

CICA Secretariat