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Statement by Executive Director of CICA Secretariat Ambassador Kairat Sarybay  at 9th Ministerial Conference of the ‘Heart of Asia – Istanbul Process’ (30 March 2021, Dushanbe)

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Statement by Executive Director of CICA Secretariat Ambassador Kairat Sarybay 

at 9th Ministerial Conference of the ‘Heart of Asia – Istanbul Process’

(30 March 2021, Dushanbe)


Mr. Chairman,

Excellencies, Distinguished delegates, Ladies and Gentlemen!

I express my gratitude to the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Tajikistan and Islamic Republic of Afghanistan for inviting CICA Secretariat to the 9th Ministerial Conference of the Heart of Asia - Istanbul Process. I also would like to take this opportunity to commend the efforts of participating and supporting countries, regional and international organisations of ‘Heart of Asia - Istanbul Process’, in enhancing the regional cooperation to promote peace, stability and development in Afghanistan and the region.

Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA) is a supporting organisation to the Heart of Asia - Istanbul Process and recognizes this effective multilateral platform to discuss regional issues, particularly in strengthening security, political, and economic cooperation among Afghanistan and neighbouring states.

Istanbul Process and CICA have many common features. It is noticeable that 13 out of 15 participating states of the Istanbul process are the Member States of CICA also, some of them including Azerbaijan, India, Iran, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Russia, Turkey and United Arab Emirates are coordinating lead countries in implementation of various CBMs of Counter Narcotics, Counter Terrorism, Trade, Commerce & investment Opportunities, Culture & Education, Disaster Management and Regional Infrastructure. Moreover, both the platforms have many similar Confidence Building Measures (CBMs) with similar objectives including; Counter terrorism, Counter Narcotics and Disaster management. Also, the mechanism of Implementation of CBMs is similar in nature in both the platforms.

Common goals and approaches of CICA and the Istanbul Process represent a very useful synergy and can bring added value to efforts of Member States of both fora to strengthen peace and security in Afghanistan.

Excellencies and distinguished delegates, 

Afghanistan is a founding member of CICA, and CICA attaches a special attention to the Afghan issue, which was reflected during the Fifth CICA summit held in Dushanbe in June 2019; where CICA leaders reaffirmed that terrorism, violent extremism and illicit drugs pose great threat for security and stability of Afghanistan, region and beyond. They emphasized that peace and reconciliation process in Afghanistan should be inclusive Afghan-led, Afghan-owned.

CICA believes that more intensive joint efforts are required to combat terrorism, extremism, and illicit drug production in Afghanistan that provides financial basis for local and international terrorists. It is necessary that the international community assists Afghanistan in combating drug production and trafficking and promoting alternative livelihood; and take necessary measures in countering illicit drugs, precursors, consumption and demand worldwide.

CICA welcomes pertinent activities and positive achievements of other organisations and forums in the region aiming at promotion of further regional cooperation to support Afghanistan in achieving peace, stability and development. CICA will continue to keep these issues high on its agenda and facilitate interaction among its Member States and with other multilateral fora.

I believe that collective efforts of all relevant parties of Istanbul Process will realise the objectives of the process.

I once again extend my sincere gratitude to the organisers of conference.

I thank you very much!