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Statement by H.E. Mr. Emamoli Rakhmonov

President of the Republic of Tajikistan

Mr. Chairman,

 Heads of States and Governments,

 Ladies and gentlemen,

First of all I would like to express my gratitude to President of the Republic Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev for his efforts to organize today's meeting. I am confident that cordiality and hospitality extended to us in Almaty and favorable conditions created here will contribute to the success of our meeting.

From the very beginning of the CICA process, whose initiator is a head of the hosting state, the Republic of Tajikistan supported and rendered assistance to the realization of this idea.

Such a position of our country comes from an understanding that the largest continent on the planet in the time of globalization should have a multilateral instrument to discuss acute problems and ways to enhance interaction.

Essentially, ideas and principles of CICA are aimed at creating and strengthening an atmosphere of mutual trust and cooperation in Asia that would enable us to meet new challenges and threats we face in the new millenium.

Today we can state with satisfaction the fact of growing understanding on the part of Asian leaders of actuality of idea to create a corporate structure for ensuring security in the region based on principles of confidence building and interaction.  

Laying a foundation of a new mechanism for enhancing multilateral and mutually beneficial cooperation of Asian states in security, social, economic and humanitarian spheres, we should always remember about that it is necessary to link national interests with international efforts made in this direction.

After events of September 11 it became clear that we should unite our efforts to confront terrorism, extremism and separatism. At this stage of development of civilization there is no problem more urgent than fight against terrorism, and it is quite logical that at the today's meeting we pay significant attention to this issue as our continent was involved in the recent events.

 We positively evaluate changes taking place in neighboring Afghanistan , proceeding   from an understanding that the success of antiterrorist operations carried out by the international coalition forces will improve the situation in region, make it more secure and stable. During ten years of independence Tajikistan has been under constant pressure of terrorism and extremism which found a safe haven in Afghanistan    under taliban regime.  

In these difficult circumstances we have called upon the world community to unite efforts in order to eliminate negative influence coming from Afghanistan and spreading worldwide. The idea of creation of «security belt» around Afghanistan has been set forth by Tajikistan at the Special Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations already in 1998.

But only after tragic events in the US it started to be realized.  

It is also important that Asian countries have shown unanimity in their evaluation of situation in Afghanistan and rendered feasible support to eradication of international terrorism there. I think it is a factor of great significance. It should serve as a basis for our cooperation in other areas in order to solve essential problems of our countries and peoples for prosperity of our continent. This unanimity, in our opinion, should be supported and encouraged by our Conference.  

This is also a reflection of an idea of dialogue among civilizations, when humanity facing this threat displays unity despite ethical, geographical, religious and other differences. It is necessary for us to create conditions for development of this tendency in the way the dialogue would be conducted not only to oppose common threats but also would cover areas in the name of peace and progress on all planet. In this context our Conference is a unique instrument. Unfortunately, there is no stability in the largest continent of the world. On the contrary, bloodshed is taking place periodically in its various parts. Using CICA mechanisms based on principles of confidence building and interaction our countries should facilitate resolution of old conflicts, prevent occurrence of new ones by fully utilizing potential and mechanisms of preventive diplomacy.  

These days people all over the world follow with concern a growing tension between Pakistan and India , two largest countries of Southern Asia possessing nuclear weapon. Tajikistan stands for stopping further escalation of the conflict and preventing events to get out of control. Using this high tribune and presence at the meeting of Heads of two countries, we urge India and Pakistan to begin negotiations in order to find mutually acceptable ways of resolution of proble ms. We believe that only through dialogue it is possible to find a key to resolution of all problematic issues.

 Ladies and gentlmen!  

Tajikistan, being one of the active participants of the CICA process considers the documents presented for our approval as a support to the Conference through organizational and practical means, and as a guarantee of success of realization and practical implementation of measures aimed at strengthening confidence   and security.

It is also important that in these documents all aspects of security are balanced that corresponds to the principle of its indivisibility.

I would also like to emphasize the determination of our countries reflected in the documents to promote regional and international cooperation on a wide spectrum of issues bolstering economic, social, humanitarian and other aspects of interaction.

In this regard we should pay attention to certain factors hindering transportation and communication aspects of regional cooperation. I have mentioned this aspect because it has a direct relation to security problems. We believe that barriers in this sphere will have negative impact not only on strengthening confidence building among peoples of the region, but also on economic integration between the states.

Our countries should take real steps on creation of the effective mechanism on expansion and strengthening cooperation. In this context, I hope that today's documents would become a good basis for our interaction in this direction.  

The Republic of Tajikistan considers CICA as a complex, comprehensive system of mutual relations of states of the Asian continent that will provide a framework to collectively arrive at coordinated decisions on security, economic, humanitarian and other areas of cooperation. Only by encompassing these major ele ments of prosperity and social stability of our countries we can achieve all the objectives set forth by the founding documents of the Conference.

In the conclusion I would like to wishsuccesses to all partici pants in realization of our common objectives.

Thank you for your attention.