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Statement by H.E. Mr. Natsagyn Baqabandi 

President of Mongolia

Mr. Chairman,

Ladies and Gentlemen, 

On behalf of the state, government and people of Mongolia and on my own behalf I would like to extent wholehearted greetings to the heads of states and governments of Asian countries, attending this first Summit , which represents an appeal for peace, cooperation and trust.

We are gathered here today to map out the main directions and ways of joint activities, that will stimulate interactions and strengthen the confidence building in Asia and lay the foundation for a new multilateral mechanism of ensuring security on the vast Asian continent.

Mongolia highly evaluates the efforts of Kazakhstan during the past several years and a personal contribution of President N. A. Nazarbayev in initiating the CICA process in Asia and developing it to the stage of calling and organizing the Summit meeting of its member states. I believe that thanks to the efforts of the member states a unique mechanism is emerging of joint struggle for peace in Asia . The CICA is to help ensure the conditions for the people of this continent to live and work in peace and with confidence in the future.  

The document we are going to sign during this meeting - the Almaty Act -is a result of a tenacious ten year work of experts, working groups, senior officials, deputy foreign ministers and ministers of foreign affairs of the CICA member states.

Declaration of principles, guiding the relations among the member states, adopted in Almaty on 14 Septe mber 1999 at the meeting of ministers of foreign affairs of the CICA member states,was an important stage of our cooperation.

We live in an era of historic changes, where the humanity having left the «cold war» behind, is making a rapid advance from confrontation to common security, from totalitarism to democracy,from national isolation to multilateral cooperation and globalization. However, along with new historic opportunities the world still has to address the problems of underdevelopment,burden of debt,poverty,diseases, drugs and arms illegal traffic, crises, conflicts and savage acts of terrorism, which seriously becloud the international climate. This is evidenced by the events of the last year's September 11 in the USA and this year's May 9 in Dagestan . From this high rostrum on behalf of the state, government and people of Mongolia I reiterate our resolute condemnation of any terrorist attack. These savage acts present a serious challenge for the entire civilized human society. This challenge requires joint efforts of all countries, big and small alike in the combat against international terrorism. Terrorist attacks of the last year that have appalled the whole world, showed that terrorism does nor «neglect» or pass over the smaller states. On the contrary, it is much likely that in such countries the terrorists would find the refuge. Therefore, it becomes essential that all the states of the world along with developing countries closely cooperate between themselves on global and regional level without discriminations on any grounds.

It has become apparent that terrorism is hard to fight where there are regimes and structures, encouraging or supporting it. Thus first of all we need to think of preventive measures against conditions that create the feeding ground for terrorist activities and of setting up a highly sensitive structure and mechanism for this purpose.

Recognizing that poverty, economic backwardness and national isolation create fertile soil for deviant, adverse way of thinking and behavior and in combating terrorism we should not rely on military means only. Rendering-active assistance and support to underdeveloped countries in order to ensure their development and progress and inviting these countries to closer cooperation is an efficient way to resolve the problem. Present international situation shows that peace and security are indivisible. We regard the special CICA Declaration on Eliminating Terrorism and Promoting dialogue among the Civilizations, as a timely joint step.

There is an increasing awareness that peace and security in the whole world are depending on, at large extent, the situation, prevailing in Asia . This is due to fact that the countries of this vast region wield sufficiently large political and economic weight, capable of influencing the development of world events. Our region is endowed with tremendous intellectual, material and human resources capable of supporting sustainable development and prosperity.

It should be noted that ensuring peace and security in Asia has always been a priority of our foreign policy. In the past Mongolia put forward a proposal to conclude a Convention on non-aggression and non-use of force between the countries of Asia and the Pacific. Mongolia believes that the best way of achieving peace and security in the region is to enhance multilateral cooperation, increase confidence building and settling the problems jointly through dialogue. In this context Mongolia attaches great significance to such forums as the ARF and the CICA in their capacity as multilateral political mechanisms.

Mongolia has been consistently pursuing a policy of friendly relations with its two immediate neighbors and the developed countries of East and West, thus ensuring its security by political and diplomatic means. Гт pleased to note that this line of policy is giving its fruits.

Ten years ago from the UN rostrum Mongolia declared itself as «Nuclear-free zone». Our initiative has been supported by 5 nuclear states - the permanent members of the UN Security Council. On October 4,1998 the UN General Assembly adopted a Resolution on «Mongoliavs International security and nuclear-weapon-free status». Taking this opportunity I would like to express my deepest appreciation to those heads of states and governments who are present here for their unwavering support to our initiative and the related UN decisions on the subject.

Today we are about to welcome the birth of the Almaty Act, a document that sets forth comprehensive confidence building measures agreed upon by the CICA me mber states. I hope that this document will contribute to the cause of ensuring peace, security and confidence building in our continent through joint efforts.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Mongolia will work in close cooperation with all the member states for the imple mentation and realization of the joint decisions and organizational strengthening of the CICA for the benefit of peace, security and cooperation in Asia .

While ending my address I express my sincere gratitude to the people and government of Kazakhstan , President N. A. Nazarbayev for the successful organization of this summit and warm welcome and hospitality extended to us in their beautiful country.