Adopted by SOC on 29 October 2009

I. Background

The present Concept Paper is aimed at promoting business opportunities and exchange of information in the sphere of Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) and has been prepared on the basis of the Catalogue of the CICA CBMs, adopted at the Meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs (MMFA) in October 2004, and the Cooperative Approach for Implementation of the CICA CBMs, adopted at the Meeting of Senior Officials Committee in March 2007, as well as the other basic CICA documents. 

II. Goals

  1. To strengthen economic system of the CICA Member States by creating an effective and competitive SME sector of economy.
  2. To create favorable legal and economic environment for free development of business opportunities in the SME sector among the CICA Member States. 
  3. To promote development growth and broaden the sphere of SME activities in the CICA Member States via national and other support.
  4. To share existing national regulations and best practices towards development of SMEs, by which Member States will be able to collaborate in such fields as well.
  5. To introduce SME to the systems of electronic commerce and information and communication technologies (ICT) and to promote technological exchanges and cooperation among SMEs with a view to enhancing their competitiveness and widening their business opportunities among CICA Member States and in the world market.
  6. To exchange advanced methods and expertise in the sphere of information technologies and dissemination of information with an aim to establish and strengthen business ties among SME representatives of the CICA Member States.
  7. To organize program of events necessary for initiating and broadening economic cooperation among the CCA Member States in the SME sector.


III. Principles

  1. Adoption of all the decisions concerning the implementation of the Catalogue of the CICA CBMs in the area of promotion of business opportunities and information exchange in SME sector by consultations and consensus.
  2. Participation of the Member States in certain events within Plan of Action on implementation the Catalogue of the CICA CBM in the area of promotion of business opportunities and information exchange in SME sector on voluntarily basis.
  3. The CICA Member States shall make, on the basis of mutual interest in the field of facilitating the business opportunities and information exchange in the SME sector, their contributions to the implementation of CBMs in the environment of full equality of the CICA Member States, by voluntary choice of the venue, form, terms and modalities of implementation.
  4. While taking a decision in this area of economic dimension, the CICA Member States shall be governed by their respective national legislations and relevant rules of International Law.
  5. In implementation of information exchange, the CICA Member States shall follow the principles of transparency of information, taking into account restrictions, foreseen by the national legislation, and confidentiality in regards of private information and intellectual and commercial property rights.

IV. Plan of Action

  1. Plan(s) of Action shall be drafted by an Ad-hoc Group, comprising of representatives of the relevant governmental agencies and business bodies of the Co-coordinating states and other interested Member States. The Ad-hoc Group shall meet as and when necessary and submit report(s) to Special Working Group for consideration and eventual submission to Senior Officials Committee for approval.
  2. The Ad-hoc Group shall examine issues such as sharing of expertise in the development of the national systems of SME; measures of the national regulatory systems and creation of favorable environment for conducting business activities in SME sector, and development of the national systems of electronic commerce with a view to improving their accessibility and attractiveness for businesses in SME sector.
  3. Date and venue of the Ad-hoc Group meetings shall be determined by the Co-coordinating states.
  4. Working languages of the Ad-hoc Group meetings shall be English and Russian.


V. Expected Outcomes

Criteria of successful implementation of the CICA CBMs in SME sector shall be an expansion of the entrepreneurial activity of this sector in the national and international markets, as well as the growth of their numbers in the CICA Member States.

In accordance with the basic priorities and goals of the Catalogue of the CICA CBMs in SME sector the following is expected:

  1. Establishment, development and effective functioning of enterprises of this sector of economy in the CICA Member States.
  2. Creation of material, legal, political, economic and others guarantees, which shall promote conditions to develop SME and their wider involvement in the business activity in the CICA space.
  3. Improvement of competitiveness and investment appeal of businesses in SME sector in CICA Member States through the promotion of  technological development via active usage of the latest achievements in the field of systems of electronic and network technologies; service tools; and standards and maintenance structures of the electronic commerce systems.
  4. Creation of effective financial-credit mechanisms and material-resource maintenance for development of SME sector.
  5. Upgrading of the state institutions for support to SME sector for combating unfair competition.
  6. Ensuring information support to enterprises of SME (in particular, creation of unified database and information exchange system in trade and economic spheres), promotion of networking and information exchange between the national bodies responsible for development of SME sector and its infrastructure.
  7. Usage of the private - state partnership mechanism with a view to support businesses in SME sector.