About Us Concluding remarks by President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin

Concluding remarks

by President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin

Joint work on formation of a common security area is a cogent manifestation of understanding of the CICA member-states of their collective responsibility to strengthen peace and stability in Asia. Today we spoke about many problems and as we can see they are complex and acute in Asia. With the sinking heart peoples of the world follow the developments in relations between India and Pakistan. We are fully aware of this problem and we have mentioned this many times today. This was the key issue in our recent consultations with the Chairman of Peoples' Republic of China Jiang Zemin and other leaders of the member-states of the UN Security Council. Special attention was given to this issue at the siimmits of Russia with the leaders of the European Union, heads of states and governments of NATO member-states, during the visit of President of the United States George Bush to Russia.

Discussing the Indo-Pakistanian conflict with President Bush we have recalled the Caribbean crisis between the USSR and the USA in 1961 when the whole world has been on the verge of a catastrophe. That time the heads of the two countries were responsible enough to find the way out of a dangerous confrontation. It is difficult even to imagine the future of humanity if events would have developed otherwise.

Today here in Almaty we have heard encouraging ideas. The Prime-Minister of India has talked about the necessity to adopt a decision on no first use of nuclear weapons. The President of Pakistan has condemned terrorism, and assured us that terrorists will never find a safe place in Pakistan. Leaders of both countries have expressed their readiness for a dialogue. It was exactly what the world expected from the leaders of these states with impatience and hope. I understand that for any step in this direction to be successful, it should be very well prepared. At the same time all of us believe that the wisdom of the heads of India and Pakistan will allow to stop further escalation of the conflict and to continue political efforts on overcoming this crisis through the dialogue. In conclusion I would like to thank the President of Kazakhstan for an opportunity to come together and discuss the most acute issues which are of utmost importance for all of us.

Thank you for your attention.