About Us Concept Paper

Approved on October 17, 2007


As a follow up to the CICA Catalogue of CBMs adopted by the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of CICA Member States in October 2004 and Cooperative Approach for the Implementation of the CICA CBMs approved by the CICA SOC in March 2007, Republic of Kazakhstan volunteered to be the coordinating country for the CBMs on the Human Dimension.

This Concept Paper envisages elaboration and implementation of an Action Plan for the realisation of the CICA CBMs. The Concept is being presented in the framework of: (I) Goals; (II) Principles; (III) Approach; and an Annex entitled Action Plan for the implementation of the CICA CBMs in human dimension.

I. Goals

1. Peaceful and democratic development of peoples of the CICA Member States.
2. Protecting respect for fundamental rights and freedoms within the provisions of the UN Charter, the Almaty Act and other CICA documents.
3. Implementing the agreed objectives in the sphere of culture, education and science.
4. Making joint efforts in studying, popularizing and protecting cultures of the CICA Member States.
5. Facilitating cooperation in the field of culture and education among CICA Member States.
6. Creating conducive environment for the development of humanitarian cooperation among the peoples of the CICA Member States.
7. Developing dialogue among cultures, civilisations and religions.

II. Principles

All decisions regarding the implementation of CBMs in human dimension are to be taken through consultation and by consensus in accordance with the Almaty Act; Declaration of the Principles Guiding Relations among the CICA Member States; CICA Catalogue of CBMs and Cooperative Approach for the Implementation of the CICA CBMs. The participation of the Member States in the specific activities in the action plan shall be on voluntary basis.

III. Approach

Movement towards these goals/tasks and objectives will be on gradual and step-by-step basis  in accordance with the national laws and regulations, taking into account specifics and peculiarities of various regions of Asia.