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Statement by H.E. Mr. Jiang Zemin

President of the People's Republic of China

Respected President Nazarbayev,

 Respected Presidents and Representatives,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today, the First Summit of the Member States of Conference on Interaction and Confidence-building Measures in Asia (CICA) opens here in the beautiful city of Almaty. On behalf of the Chinese Government and also in my own name, I would like to express my warmest congratulations to the Summit and our sincere appreciation of the thoughtful arrangements made by the Government and people of our host country Kazakhstan.

Ten years ago when the Republic of Kazakhstan was just proclaimed, President Nazarbayev put forward the initiative of establishing the CICA. This initiative gave full expression to the strong commitment and political enthusiasm of President Nazarbayev and his Government for the promotion of regional peace and security.

Thanks to the vigorous push by Kazakhstan and the concerted efforts of all its members, CICA has over the past ten years grown gradually into a unique and valuable forum for the deliberation of issues concerning Asian security and cooperation. Today's summit marks an important milestone in the CICA process.

The establishment and development of CICA reflect rain a different angle the common aspirations by Asian peoples to preserve peace and maintain security after the end of the Cold War. The Almaty Act and the CICA Declaration on Eliminating Terrorism & Promoting Dialogue Among Civilizations, which are to be adopted by this summit, will show to the international community once again that CICA members are firmly committed to the advocacy and practice of the new security concept, one that seeks security through enhanced mutual trust.

As a member of the Asian community and friendly neighbour of Kazakhstan, China has consistently followed the CICA process with keen interest and actively participated in its activities. In future, China will continue to work energetically to promote friendly and constructive cooperation with the other CICA members in compliance with CICA purposes and principles of strengthening interaction and confidence-building for enhanced regional security.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Currently, as world multipolarization and economic globalisation continue amid rapid progress of science and technology, people all over the world desire to see a lasting peace and universal prosperity. Indeed, mankind is blessed with ever more favourable conditions to build an even better future. However, we must also see that the world is not yet a tranquil place. The cause of peace and development still has a long way as mankind tries to get to grips with the endless stream of new problems.

Asia, the cradle of many ancient civilizations and a continent teeming with life of rejuvenation, today faces opportunities and challenges existing side by side as in the rest of the world.

On the whole Asia at the dawn of the new century enjoys peace and stability and increasingly unveils its vast growth potential and advantages for development. But the situations in some of its regions are hardly encouraging. Particularly in the area of security, the campaign against terror remains arduous, as some local conflicts intensify and activities by extremist forces go on unchecked.

If we want to manage Asian affairs well, we need to rely on none other than tile Asian people themselves and on the solidarity and cooperation among all Asian countries. The political, economic and cultural diversity of Asia will not hinder exchanges and cooperation among Asian countries. On the contrary, it will make such exchanges and cooperation richer and more colourful, reinforcing the Asian countries' strength in drawing on each other's strong points and pooling the resources for common development.

We are pleased to see that thanks to the concerted efforts of Asian countries in recent years, a multi-field and multi-level regional cooperation, characterized by equality, openness, mutual benefit and gradual progress, is now taking shape.

We sincerely hope that parties to certain regional conflicts in Asia will, proceeding from the larger interests of world peace and development, act in the fundamental interests of their respective counties and that of peace and security in the region by settling their disputes peacefully without delay, thus jointly building a better, world for all.

We are firmly convinced that blessed with an ancient past and splendid civilizations, Asian peoples are talented and capable enough to manage Asian affairs even better, thus turning ours into a new Asia of lasting-peace and universal prosperity.

With its own deeds, China has and will continue to prove that it is a staunch force working for peace and development in the region and the world at large.

The Chinese nation has followed a, time-honoured tradition of cherishing peace and being kind to one's neighbours. Having suffered deeply from aggression and bullying by foreign powers, the Chinese people love peace, treasure peace and are strongly committed to the defense of peace in the region and the world.

China always pursues an independent foreign policy of peace and is dedicated to the promotion of peace and stability in Asia. China sticks to its sole mn pledges of never seeking hege mony, never joining any military bloc and never cutting a sphere of interests for itself. China advocates and practices the Five Principles of Peaceful Co-existence and the new security concept with mutual trust, mutual benefit, equality and coordination as its key components.

China has established and developed friendly relations and cooperation with the other Asian countries. It has taken an active part in and vigorously promoted multilateral cooperation within Asia, such as establishing the Shanghai Cooperation Organization with other countries, participating in the dialogues and cooperation within the ASEAN framework and making unre mitting efforts for the settle ment of certain regional conflicts.

Facts have shown that China's foreign policy and diplomaticpractices have contributed to peace, stability and security in Asia. After 20 years of reform, opening-up and modernization drive, China's economy has grown steadily and the 1.2 billion Chinese people have seen their lives constantly improved. A stable, more developed and more prosperous China is a boon to world peace and development and a blessing to a more tranquil and prosperous Asia.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

At present, the threat posed by terrorism stands out in sharp reliefs and terrorist activities in Asia are particularly rampant. Many CICA members have had painful experience with it, the fight against terrorism therefore is not only a focus of worldwide concern,but also a top agenda item of this summit.

Here I would like to reiterate that China resolutely condemns and opposes all forms of terrorism. It is committed to the international efforts and actions against terrorism, and it has already conducted effective cooperation with the relevant countries or organizations in this regard. Even before the September 11th attack, China and the other members of The Shanghai Cooperation Organization had signed The Shanghai Convention on Combating Terrorism, Separatism and Extremism and are now stepping up efforts to set up a regional anti-terrorism agency.

What I would like to point out emphatically is that China is too a victim of terrorism. The separatists of so-called «East Turkistan» are an out-and-out terrorist force. They perpetrated terrorist violence not only in China but also some other countries. To root out this notorious force is part and parcel of tile international efforts of counter terrorism, which serves the common interests of all countries in the region. I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to the countries concerned for their understanding, support and assistance to tile fight against East-Turkistan terrorism.

President Nazarbayev,

 Ladies and Gentlemen,

In history, the renowned Silk Road brought tie people of the CICA members closely together. Today, we are called upon by the times to close out ranks and write a new chapter of peace, friendship and cooperation.

Thank you.