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Republic of Kazakhstan has assumed CICA Chairmanship transferred from Republic of Tajikistan on 24 September 2020.


 Shanghai, 21 May 2014

 CICA Chair

14.1 Assumption of office

14.1.1   A Member State may express its intention to assume Chair of the CICA for either of the next two terms in writing to the current CICA Chair.

14.1.2   The CICA Chair shall inform the Member States, through the Secretariat, whenever such a request is received.

14.1.3   The current CICA Chair may express its intention to continue for the next term.

14.1.4 The SOC shall, after due consideration, make recommendation for acceptance of the candidature of the Member State for next CICA Chair through silence procedure.

14.1.5   To facilitate continued functioning of CICA, Chair for the next term shall, in principle, be decided one year before expiry of the term of the current chair.

14.1.6   In case two or more Member States express their intentions to assume Chair for a particular term, decision shall be taken by consensus. The current Chair shall facilitate the process of arriving at consensus.

14.2 Tenure

The Member State hosting the regular Summit shall be the CICA Chair until the next regular Ministerial Meeting. The Member State hosting the regular Ministerial Meeting shall be the CICA Chair until the next regular Summit.

14.3 Role and functions

14.3.1 The Chair shall represent CICA at the United Nations and other appropriate international fora. The Chair may, if considered necessary or expedient, direct the Executive Director to represent CICA at the United Nations and other appropriate international fora.

14.3.2   The Chair may, with the consent of the Member States, make statements on behalf of the CICA at the United Nations or other international fora in accordance with their respective rules and practices.

14.3.3 The Chair, with the assistance of the Secretariat, shall be responsible for the coordination and communication on current CICA activities.

14.3.4 Unless decided otherwise, the Chair shall host and preside over various CICA meetings.

14.3.5   In consultation with the Chair, the Member State hosting the meeting shall issue official invitations to the Member States, observers and guests for the meetings.

14.3.6 The Chair, in coordination with the Secretariat, shall prepare and submit the draft documents in advance to various CICA meetings.

14.3.7 The Chair may delegate any of its functions to the Secretariat.

14.3.8   The Chair may issue directions to the Secretariat for its proper and efficient functioning.

14.3.9   The Chair may consult with preceding and succeeding Chairs and the Republic of Kazakhstan on the foregoing.

Previous Chairmanships

Kazakhstan: 2002-2010

Turkey: 2010-2014

China: 2014-2018

Tajikistan: 2018-2020