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Address by H.E. Mr. Jan Kubis

OSCE Secretary General

 Mr. President,

 Your Excellencies,

 Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of the OSCE and its Portuguese Chairmanship, it is my pleasure to represent the OSCE as an observer at the First Summit of the Heads of State and Government of the member states of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA). This Summit - the result of an excellent initiative of H.E. President Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan and years of hard work of CICA participants - is an important milestone in promoting and enhancing peace, security and co-operation in Asia.

For the OSCE it is of particular importance that many OSCE participating States as well as OSCE Mediterranean Partners for Co-operation are also member states of CICA. Having itself been based on a comprehensive approach to security (including politico-military, economic and environmental, and human dimensions) and on full adherence to shared values,principles and commitments, the OSCE,witha broad membership comprising 55 participating States,welcomes similar efforts in other regions.

Preventing and combating international terrorism is a crucial area where international, regional and sub-regional organizations and initiatives should join their efforts and forces to achieve our common goals, under the United Nations" central role. In this regard, the adoption of the CICA Declaration «On Combating Terrorism and Promoting Dialogue Among Civilizations», is of particular significance.

The fight against terrorism is high on the OSCE agenda. The OSCE Bucharest Plan of Action for Combating Terrorism adopted last Dece mber at our yearly Ministerial meeting provides a political and operational blueprint for OSCE action. It also calls on the OSCE participating States and Secretariat to «broaden dialogue with partners outside the OSCE area». The Action Plan specifically refers to CICA as one such partner. Another OSCE event on terrorism - a conference which took place in Bishkek last year and the Bishkek Programme of Action identified, among others, concrete measures to address specific needs of the Central Asian countries in preventing and combating terrorism. These measures may focus inter alia on strengthening «the capacities of Central Asian states to control their borders and to prevent border crossings by terrorist and organized crime groups, by taking into account the situation in Afghanistan with specific regard to illicit drugs» through assistance on matters of policing, capacity- and institution-building, on strengthening societies based on de mocratic princi pies and human rights.

I would like to also emphasize here with appreciation that a number of OSCE participating States and CICA members are contributing actively to the international effort in Afghanistan, by putting forward concrete ideas of assistance and support to Afghanistan.

In a week from now,on 12 June 2002,the OSCE Chairmanship will organize a high-level meeting of Secretaries General and Presidencies of key international partner organizations, aiming at coordinating strategies with regard to preventing and combating terrorism. As a follow up to the Lisbon meeting, a meeting on a regional level will be convened in Vienna this autumn.

OSCE activities in countering terrorism naturally include also a requirement for full respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms and the promotion of tolerance, mutual respect and justice inter alia through nurturing political, cultural, ethnic and religious dialogue and co-operation.

On the basis of its Platform for Co-operative Security, the OSCE pays special attention to increased cooperation with other international, regional and sub-regional organizations and initiatives, and stands ready to exchange with these organizations and initiatives, including CICA, the vast experience and expertise it has gained in promoting its comprehensive approach to security. The OSCE's achievement could be documented in many diverse areas which could serve as a source of inspiration — from a vast body of politico-military confidence and security building measures throughde mocraticinstitution building to action against trafficking in weapons, drugs and human beings.

As a part of the OSCE s comprehensive approach to security, the OSCE and its current Chairmanship also believe in the essential link between security and economic prosperity and environmental safety. The Tenth OSCE Economic Forum, concluded last week in Prague,specifically urged participating States to devote more energy to securing proper use of water resources and to enhancing environmental activities in the Aral Sea basin.

It is my sincere belief and hope that the CICA process and this summit and the forthcoming OSCE meetings and our efforts to meet successfully our common challenges will significantly contribute to strengthening security and co-operation in our respective areas of activity and responsibility.