About Us Action Plan on New Challenges and Threats

The activities identified in the Action Plan reflect the outcome of the Experts Meeting held in Ankara on 31 January -1 February 2008 and do not cover the entire set of New Threats and Challenges to the security of the CICA Member States. New CBMs in the area of New Threats and Challenges may be introduced into the Action Plan subject to the approval by the Member States.
The implementation of activities outlined in this Action Plan will be reviewed every year by SWG and SOC. 

I. Border Control and Management
Convening a CICA meeting of national experts on border control and management, with the participation of representatives from appropriate international bodies agreed upon by Member States.

Issues for possible consideration and approval by Member States:

  1. Establishment of a CICA focal points network; 
  2. Organizing training seminars, upon request, on border control and management issues;
  3. Raising awareness on trafficking issues;
  4. Applicability of Turkey’s experience in establishing of Centres of Excellence within CICA framework;
  5. Modalities for voluntary information exchange among originating, transit and destination countries subject to trafficking;
  6. Modalities for developing cooperation in border control and management;
  7. The possible role of the CICA Secretariat in the above.

II. Police Related Issues
Convening a CICA Chiefs of Police meeting. Issues for possible consideration:

  1. Establishment of a calendar for twice yearly seminars on police related issues beginning 2009;
  2. Defining needs assessment and institutional capacity with regard to "training of the trainers" programs;
  3. Modalities for timely sharing of information through the Interpol database on lost and stolen documents;
  4. Establishment of the CICA focal points network;
  5. The role of the CICA Secretariat in the above.

 III. Combating Terrorism
Convening an experts meeting on terrorism, if deemed necessary, with possible participation of relevant international organizations, for discussing the merits of drawing up a template for voluntarily sharing of information among the Member States, including the content of the information, as well as the modalities for its dissemination subject to the approval of the concerned Member States. Other issues such as the institutionalization of such experts meetings as an annual event with a view to discussing key topics of common concern could also be considered at this meeting.

 IV. Trafficking Issues
Convening a joint CICA-IOМ Regional Seminar/Workshop on human trafficking, focusing on identifying additional measures the Member States can take to establish coordinated responses, information sharing, focal points etc.