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Statement by H.E. Mr. Islam Karimov

President of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Dear Mr. Chairman,

Distinguished Heads of States and Governments,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It gives me an immense pleasure to welcome you, the heads and representatives of the states, participating in the work of this Summit, to express sincere gratitude to the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev for the hospitality and warm welcome. 

Availing myself of this opportunity, I would like to very briefly express some of my considerations on the matters that are being discussed today at the Conference.

It is not secret to anyone that the issues of trust, as the most important condition for achieving progress in stopping the conflicts and standoffs in inter-state relations as much as in achieving accord in interethnic and interfaith relations, have always been attached a foremost significance. 

But in our modern age, the age of globalization and geopolitics, when the surrounding us world is changing with unseen earlier paces and becoming ever more interdependent and fragile, the elaboration of a system and mechanisms of strengthening confidence building measures, enhancing the activity of states on maintaining stability and preventing conflicts acquire a special importance.

We all know well that these issues and problems constantly remain at the core of attention of many known regional, sub-regional international structures, and above all, such high-profile organization as the United Nations.

In the context of aforesaid the initiative of Kazakhstan and its President Nursultan Nazarbayev on establishing the Forum without any doubt deserves every attention and support, the main goal of which being consideration, search and working out of confidence building measures and interaction of states in preventing the birth of conflict situations and confrontation in Asia as well as their resolution.

I support very important proposals, expressed here by heads and representatives of states.

It would be expedient, in our view, to take into consideration the following.

First. If to speak about the Asian region such high-profile international structures, as ASEAN, Shanghai Cooperation Organization, APEC, ACD ( Asia cooperation dialog), EurAsEC, and others play an ever increasing role in maintaining integration processes, dynamic paces of development of economies and humanitarian aspects of the life of regional states.

Therefore, in recommendations of the Forum, alongside the fundamental principles, enshrined in the UN documents, it would be important to take into consideration the principles and ideas, elaborated by these organizations on the issues under discussion today.

In its turn, this would create a necessary basis for coordinating the joint activities with these well-known structures.

Second. In designing recommendations of the Conference on the confidence building measures and interaction of states it is necessary to a special attention and give due level of assessment to those acts, which may be observed in the international practice and political arena and which create additional tension and serve as a reason for disappointment and loss of trust on the part of millions of people towards everything that takes place around them.

About such facts, which emerge as a result of low culture, political illiteracy, neglect towards the centuries-old traditions, way of life and mentality of other peoples, manifestation of various xenophobia and nationalism, one can talk for long.

However, in the first place totally groundless statements and speeches of some politicians, statesmen and collective publications with an obvious provocative nature cause a grave alarm.

The talk is about, for example, the facts, when the international terrorism is linked with the holy for Muslims religion - Islam, when the Western publications print in large quantities caricatures for Prophet Muhammad, when they give scornful and hasty assessments, which hurt the honour and national dignity of millions of people.

Needless to say at times undermine uneasy, long and consistent work of international community on strengthening the mutual understanding between the peoples and nationalities, representatives of various religious creeds.

Figuratively speaking, trust among subjects on the international arena, as much as the trust among the peoples as a whole, can be compared with a planted tree, which must be constantly nourished, simultaneously from one, another and third sides. Instead of this we observe how the very atmosphere in which the tree may grow is being poisoned.

The facts of applying “double standards”, which we see everywhere in assessing these or other events taking place in the world, neither facilitate the strengthening of peace. As a result, one can make one conclusion: what is allowed for some states and countries is not allowed for others.

And the last. Efficiency of this Conference shall considerably increase if in the forthcoming documents is taken into consideration one very important moment.

It would be good if the elaborated recommendations on the realization of the mechanism of confidence building measures have a concrete shape, to be exact, if they could be grounded to specific conflict situations, which cause alarm to the world community so as to resolve these conflicts until they grow into “hot” wars.

Of course, all of these are a task that is difficult to solve, but this very practical goal can justify all our efforts in the sphere of improving the interstate relations, search and doing away with the reasons, which cause tension and conflicts.

In conclusion, allow me once again to express feelings of sincere respect to all of those who are present here and wish success to the work of the Summit.