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Statement by H.E. Mr. Ibrahim Hassan Saif
Ambassador of United Arab Emirates

Your Excellency,

Chairman of the Third Meeting of CICA Ministers of Foreign Affairs – Minister of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Kazakhstan, Mr. Marat Tazhin,

Your Excellencies,

Ministers of Foreign Affairs,
Gentlemen-members of delegations,

Asalaam Alaikum…..

We are very glad to express to Your Excellency our great appreciation and gratitude for a good meeting, kind welcome and hospitality extended to us by the Government and friendly people of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Mr. Chairman,

We express gratitude to the CICA Member States for their support of the application of our country to join CICA as a full fledged member.

I would also like to confirm that the United Arab Emirates will cooperate with you and the CICA Member States for the sake of realization of the goals of Forum.
We hope that work of this Forum will be successful.

Asalaam Alaikum…..