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Statement by H.E. Mr. Kenneth J. Fairfax

Ambassador of the United States of America to the

Repulic of Kazakhstan

I would like to thank Kazakhstan for hosting this meeting of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA). 

This forum has matured in recent years, developing into a cornerstone of an increasingly effective regional architecture on Asia. 

I would also like to congratulate Turkey for its successful Chairmanship of CICA. 

Turkey has advanced CICA’s vision for indivisible and cooperative security in Asia through the process of dialogue and consensus. 

Drawing on its rich experience in multilateral organizations like NATO and OSCE, Turkey has expanded CICA’s dialogue with international organizations and brought CICA into greater prominence through heightened member-nation cooperation on Afghanistan, drug trafficking, trade, and economics.  

Istanbul Process

I would also like to take this opportunity to focus on the Istanbul Process, which is based upon a firm commitment to the principles of non-interference and good neighborly relations. 

Under the strong leadership of the Afghan government, and with the support of the United Nations, Turkey, Kazakhstan, and other partners, the Istanbul Process has emerged not as a competitor or alternative to pre-existing organizations such as CICA but as a specific process tailored to the needs of the region both today and after 2014. 

In fact, many CICA members -- including both Kazakhstan and Turkey -- play critical roles in the Istanbul Process.

The Confidence Building Measures devised in Istanbul are pragmatic and well-balanced,
focusing on complex issues that will require a step-by-step approach over the long-term. 

As Secretary Clinton and many of her counterparts  emphasized at the Tokyo Conference this past July, Afghanistan should be a peaceful, secure, stable, and prosperous nation living in a region supported by enduring partnerships with the international community. 

Parallel to the Istanbul Process, we are undertaking our own bilateral efforts to support regional stability. 

On May 2, President Obama and President Karzai signed the U.S.-Afghanistan Strategic Partnership Agreement, which provides a long-term framework for relations between our two nations through 2024. 

It makes clear that as the U.S.-Afghanistan relationship evolves and normalizes over the course of the transition process, the United States relationship with Afghanistan will also evolve, and that the United States will continue to be a steadfast partner for Afghanistan. 


CICA offers capabilities and perspectives that can help forge common solutions to shared problems. 

Today’s Ministerial is an excellent example of CICA’s investment in the peace, stability, and prosperity of its member-nations through political dialogue and confidence building measures, and the United States welcomes the opportunity to participate and offer its strong support. 

Thank you.