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Statement by H.E. Mr. M.Sobirov

First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs

 Republic of Tajikistan

Dear Mr. Chairman!

Ladies and Gentlemen!

At the outset, I would like to express gratitude to the Kazakhstani side for the excellent arrangements for the Commemorative Meeting as well as for traditional cordiality, warm welcome and hospitality of the Kazakh people. Let me express special gratitude to Mr. Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, who pays consistence attention to the issues of further strengthening the Conference and perfection of its activity.   

During a relatively short period of its existence, the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia has not only occupied a notable place among multilateral associations in the world, but also proved its vitality and showed itself as an efficient instrument of multilateral interaction by providing the atmosphere of trust and mutual understanding and search of mutually acceptable approaches to the solution of problems of regional security.    

We highly appreciate success achieved by the Forum and efforts made by Turkish side as the Chairing country for implementation of agreements and coordination of positions on issues under consideration within our Conference.  

Dear colleagues,

I would like to note that interaction of Member States in various formats gives the possibility to resolve in am flexible and timely manner the tasks we are simultaneously facing at several levels. For good reasons, the fight against international terrorism and extremism, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and drug trafficking are included in the priorities of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia. It is not without reason that fight against new challenges and threats occupy central place in the documents of the Conference. Undoubtedly, only such high level of interaction can ensure the efficiency of our opposition to such phenomena as terrorism and extremism.    

We all know that threats and challenges of terrorist organization are becoming all the more refined with transformations and radical changes that are taking place in the contemporary world. New treats and challenges present danger not only for one region but for the entire world community and require adequate consolidated responses. Certainly, together we can seriously rebut and conduct coordinated and systematic struggle against transnational crime and drug business. Joint work of Member States on realization of coordinated confidence building measures as a means of ensuring regional security is of great importance.   

Dear Sirs, 

Tajikistan remains a buffer, a solid block on the way of drug threat originating in Afghanistan. No doubt we all want to see Afghanistan as an economically independent country and express satisfaction with the efforts of the international community in Afghanistan aimed at the establishment of peace, stability and security, to which Tajikistan has repeatedly called.    

International partnership helped to solve many issues including cooperation in the rebuilding of state institutions in Afghanistan. Member States of the Conference have also made considerable contribution towards achieving this goal. We should provide further necessary assistance to the Government of Afghanistan in consolidating this success.   

Another issue to which Member States of the Conference should focus attention is economic component of our interaction.

It is necessary to ensure liberalization and facilitation of trade and investments, and to bring the process of economic globalization into the channel of balanced and mutually beneficial development by joint efforts.   

Efficient cooperation of Member States in such spheres as energy, including hydropower, economy, and transport communication can become a platform for more active integration.

Investment on the construction of important strategic objects and expansion of transport and communication network between Member States can play a primary role in the regional integration. Along with these positive factors, we believe it necessary to mention some of the existing problems in the Central Asian region which are acting as barriers in the process of integration and mutually beneficial trade and economic cooperation. In particular, we call your attention to the complex situation in which Tajikistan finds itself due to difficulties in movement of the goods, transit of electrical energy and transport means. Tajikistan believes that such situation requires elaboration of collective measures aimed at normalization of relations, strengthening of trust and good neighbourhood in the region. 

Dear colleagues,

The Republic of Tajikistan supports the development of inter-civilization dialogue in Asia which will ensure the development of tolerance and maintenance of cultural diversity within the framework of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia. Intercultural dialogue and respect of cultural diversity, formed on the basis of dynamic national and regional identity, can link divergences between Asian and other countries.   

Tajikistan also considers important to increase cooperation in the sphere of tourism. Providing assistance in the establishment of direct business contacts between national tourist administrations and companies in the interest of adopting joint programmes needs to be a high priority within the framework of realization of confidence building measures in the sphere of tourism. Exchange of information relevant to investment proposals in the CICA countries in the sphere of creating tourist infrastructure is also important.

Ladies and Gentlemen, 

In conclusion I would like to note that the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia is making important steps towards achieving set goals, and I am convinced that the Declaration which we are adopting will add impulse to multilateral cooperation.

The Republic of Tajikistan always remains adherent to peaceful development and foreign policy that is aimed at the development of good neighbourly and partner relations with all the countries, advancing its national interests with consideration of common interests of all adjoining countries.  

Tajikistan is ready to take most active part in the activity of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia.

Thank you for attention!