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Dear Chairman,

Dear Heads of the States, Governments and Heads of delegations,

       First of all I would like to express gratitude to the President of Turkish Republic, H.E. Mr. Abdullah Gul for kindness and the hospitality extended to the delegations participating at the Summit of Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia . Allow me also to express special gratitude to the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan , H.E. Mr. Nursultan Nazarbayev who pays constant attention to issues of the further strengthening of the Conference and perfection of its activities. It is no doubt that the Conference has taken an appreciable place among multilateral associations on the Asian space. Activity of the Forum continues to create a keen interest. It is a matter of pleasure that the membership of the Conference enlarged with new countries joining it. At today's meeting, we congratulate Socialist Republic of Vietnam and Republic of Iraq on their accession to our family as new Members of the Conference.

       We can say today that the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia has proved its viability and necessity; and has shown advantage of dialogue over disagreements, during the not so long period of its existence. A positive sign of the Conference is interaction among the member states in different formats. It offers opportunities to solve problems facing us at several levels as well as flexibly in due time. Among priorities of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia are fight against the international terrorism, spread of weapons of mass destruction and the drug trafficking. It is notable that the central place in the Conference documents is occupied with issues of fight against new challenges and threats. It is obvious that only high level interaction could afford us the possibility of efficiently counteracting such phenomena as terrorism and extremism.

       In contemporary conditions, the security system could not be considered as particularly European or Asian, Eastern or Western model. Europe and Asia are, as a matter of fact, a unique geographical and political space. They are intertwined by historical, economic and cultural ties. Therefore, new threats and challenges represent danger to global community and require adequate consolidated responses, provided we can reject serious pressure and conduct the coordinated and systematic struggle against transnational crime and narcotic business. Not less important is the significant teamwork of the member states on realization of the coordinated measures of confidence building measures as instrument of maintenance of regional security.

        We also condemn an attack of the Navy of Israel on the humanitarian escort «Freedom Flotilla». We believe that the attack on the escort of the ships with humanitarian cargo going to Gaza Strip is violation of the standard international legal norms. The world community can not stand aside and it should be carefully and objectively investigated by the UN Security Council and world community. It is a matter of great satisfaction that member states of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia demonstrated solidarity with the assessment of the situation that has developed in Afghanistan, and have supported the sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of this country. The Republic of Tajikistan , in particular, is interested in it because Tajikistan and Afghanistan are united not only by historical and cultural traditions, but also the common border to the extent of about one and a half thousand kilometers.

        Tajikistan continues to remain the buffer - a strong barrier in the path of the narcotic threat which is emanating from Afghanistan . All of us want to see Afghanistan as economically independent and neutral country, free from disorder and we express satisfaction concerning efforts of the international community in Afghanistan aimed at an establishment of peace, stability and security. Tajikistan has called for such action from the very beginning at high international platforms. We are also disturbed by the situation which has developed in the neighboring Kyrgyzstan . Tajikistan is the country which itself has gone through civil war and experienced all the burdens of its consequences. We always stand for resolution of all conflicts by dialogue and through peaceful means. We want that in the Central Asian region as well as in the entire world peace, stability and mutual understanding should prevail. The Republic of Tajikistan supports development of inter-civilization dialogue within the framework of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia which advocates promoting development of tolerance and maintenance of a cultural diversity. We also believe in increased cooperation in economic, human and environmental dimensions, in particular, in the field of tourism where the Republic Tajikistan has taken the important initiative to become the coordinator.

       Tajikistan would like to suggest convening an experts meeting on realization of the CICA Catalogue of Confidence Building Measures on September 27th this year in Dushanbe . Another, but not less important, problem causing concern is global climate warming with its ecological and social consequences. One of the key consequences of this process, undoubtedly, is intensive melting of glaciers. According to prognosis of experts, global climate warming will lead to loss of a great mass of ice formations. During the last decades, glaciers of Tajikistan have shrunk by more than one third. The history of the Central Asia shows the sufferings caused by depletion of natural resources. Having predetermined the reality of destruction of Aral Sea , we should not allow disappearance of the glaciers which are a source of life in this large region.

        In this connection we look the big hope of support of proposals of Republic of Tajikistan on necessity of creation of the International fund of preservation of glaciers by the Summit which could united an efforts of the regional countries and the international community in this strategically important sector. One more key direction is a cooperation of the Member states in social and economic sphere and creation of an advanced transport and energy power infrastructure. As you know, in the Declaration of the Principles Guiding the Relations between CICA Member states is underlined that the rational and just world order should be based on strengthening of mutual trust and good neighborhood, on an establishment of honest partner relations. However, recently there are shown negative tendencies which, in our opinion,  consciouslyare directed on ignoring of basic principles by which CICA Member states are guided in its relations. I think that has come a time to pay steadfast attention to a situation in the Central Asia and to tell about it frankly. From the point of view of stability and security conditions in region are far from the ideal. Thus I would like to pay your attention to a difficult situation in which there is a Republic of Tajikistan  in consequence ofdifficulties in movements of the goods, transit of the electric power and the vehicles, caused by a capricious policy of some our neighbors. It is also occurred a sharp non-admission of our hydropower projects and proposals on rational use of water resources. We count on that such unconstructive policy which contrary to the purposes and principles of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia will receive a due estimation and the collective measures directed on normalization of relations, strengthening of trust and good neighborhood in region will be developed.

 Dear colleagues, 

       Today the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia takes important steps to achievement of its objects. There are no doubts that the Declaration of the Third Summit accepted by us will give a new impulse to multilateral cooperation. We also will close the books on process of formation of the legal base of the Conference activities. So it is possible to believe that all necessary conditions for a turn of work of the Forum in a practical dimension are created. We are convinced that remaining in a present format of a wide dialogue forum and strictly following the principles of voluntaries, sequence and a consensus which are fixed in the Almaty Act, the Conference could more full and effectively open its potential.

         I will underline once again that threats and the challenges faced today the countries of the Asian region, don't grant to us a right to occupy a passive waiting position. We together should make much still. And Tajikistan is ready to take the most active part in Conference activities.