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Statement by H.E. Mr. M.Sobirov
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Tajikistan

First of all, I would like to express gratitude to the organizers for hospitality and perfect organizational conditions created for our work.
In the period after the second historically important Summit of our Heads of State within the network of CICA, we have certainly witnessed significant events which confirm the inevitability of future realization of the concept of unity, security and stability on the Asian continent.
In this context, the idea of CICA, which foresees practical implementation of collective mechanism for development of security and stability, seems to be opportune and urgent.
Overall, as a result of the work in the network of CICA process, the initiative of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan has acquired a real framework and has become a tangible factor of contemporary international relations in the Asian continent.
It is worth noting that in the network of the development of CICA process, at the initiative of the Tajik side, which was supported by other countries in view of the emerging situation in Central Asian region, higher attention is being paid on the issue of the fight against so-called new threats like terrorism, extremism, arms and drugs smuggling, organized crime.
Republic of Tajikistan supports international efforts in reconstruction of Afghanistan in order to help this country to exist as a stable and thriving member of community of nations.
Tajikistan also acknowledges the necessity of effective strategy aimed at reducing the production, supply and demand of narcotics. Therefore, we will interact in monitoring suspicious financial transactions including income and transparency of banking transactions, in accordance with existing articles of international law, in identifying sources of production, consumption and illicit traffic of drugs.
Assembling for this regular third successive meeting of the heads of foreign offices, we need to proceed on the premise that CICA as a collective mechanism of strengthening the security and stability in Asia has not yet exhausted all the possibilities and situation in many regions remains alarming.
Thereupon I would like to express the hope that results of today’s meeting may play essential role in decline and neutralization of these threats which directly influence the state of peace and stability.
Dynamic activity of the participants in discussions confirms sincere interest of all sides in the development of realization of mechanism for the measures of confidence in Asia aimed at strengthening security and stability on the continent.  Therefore, Tajik side has come forward with an initiative to be a coordinator in the area of tourism.
On September 27 this year we will hold a meeting of experts on the realization of the Catalogue of the Confidence Measures for the Member States of the CICA.
In the framework of realization of confidence building measures between CICA members for cooperation in tourism we shall discuss establishment of direct business contacts between national tourism administrations and tourist corporations; joint programs within the CICA framework; and work out the measures of acceptance of the corresponding bilateral and multilateral intergovernmental agreements on interaction in the field of tourism through diplomatic channels of the Member States.
Another significant aspect is the exchange of experts and journalists specializing in tourism through cooperation of Member States of CICA in forming working groups for the participation in media tours in the countries of the region. It is necessary to go into the issue of working out the regional sectoral program "Tourism on the Silk Route", which provides for holding conferences and fora  on its realization, by the national tourist administrations of the Member States of the CICA. Also the exchange of information about the investment opportunities in the Member States of the CICA in the sphere of tourism infrastructure development is necessary.
In the conclusion I would like to emphasize the interest of Tajikistan in organizational consolidation of CICA and assure you that in future we will closely interact with all member states of CICA and implement joint agreements for the stimulation of the constructive cooperation, peace and security in Asia.
Thank you for your attention.