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Statement by H.E. Mr. A. Borodavkin
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation

Distinguished Chairman,
Distinguished Participants of the Meeting,
Let me express my appreciation to our Kazakh friends, most of all to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Marat Muhhamedkazievich Tazhin, for their hospitality and for providing the necessary conditions for the success of our meeting. We are once again witnessing confirmation of comprehensive support for CICA extended by the President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbaev, who pays constant attention to the issues of further consolidation of our Forum and enhancement of its activity.
I would like to congratulate the partners from the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, United Arab Emirates and Qatar for becoming full members of the Conference.

Esteemed colleagues,
This meeting of CICA takes place against the background of tragedy which has recently taken place in Transcaucasia. Consequent upon Georgian military aggression against Southern Ossetia, thousands of innocent civilians were killed, the majority of whom were citizens of Russia. Dozens of Russian peace-keepers gave up their lives defending them. Georgian armed forces mowed down Tskhinvali, the capital of Southern Ossetia in a barbaric manner and wiped out dozens of south Ossetia settlements.
This criminal war unleashed by Tbilisi, main goal of which was physical annexation of South Ossetians, could be stopped only with intervention of Russia compelling Georgia to seek peace. We are grateful to those states which supported us and are now providing necessary aid to overcome consequences of the war in the first place and for providing necessary facilities of dozens of thousands of refugees from South Ossetia.
The tragedy of South Ossetia was an obvious confirmation of the fact that in our world there is unfortunately no firm understanding of the inadmissibility of aggression and illegal unilateral use of force in violation of the UN Charter. Therefore, Member States of CICA need to take important and tangible measures to maintain peace in Asian region on the basis of recognition that security is indivisible and attempts to enforce one’s security at the expense of security of others only raise international tensions. In the contemporary multi-polar world, relations among countries must be built on universally recognized norms and principles of international law while emphasizing the central role of the United Nations.
According to our estimates, emerging situation in the security sphere by and large remains stable and predictable. Nevertheless, against the background of developing integration processes in this region and forward movement in the adjustment of wide political, economic and humanitarian cooperation, there remains enough combustible material for conflicts. There is a lack of mutual trust and there have been some attempts to create new borders on the continent leading to serious risks and threats to the safe and sustainable development. In this context, I would like to emphasize with satisfaction that CICA, as well-established regional interactive Forum, make substantial contribution to the process of overcoming these challenges and threats. The conference has found its niche in the scheme of multilateral interactive structures in Asia. 
Among CICA priorities, with full consensus, we are combating international terrorism, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and drug trafficking. Not less important is joint action of Member States in realizing agreed CBMs as means to provide regional security.
Russian Federation also supports the dialogue among civilizations within the CICA framework, which will assist in enhancing tolerance and maintenance of cultural diversity. In our view, the enhancement of cooperation in humanitarian, environmental and economic dimensions, particularly in the area of small and medium enterprise, is very important. As a coordinator of this dimension, Russia is ready to implement projects, considering the fact that our country has given considerable attention for development of small and medium enterprises. In our opinion, it would be interesting to use the mechanism of the Forum to establish business relations in the area of small and medium enterprises with partners from Russian regions of Siberia and Far East.

Esteemed Colleagues,
The Declaration, which we are going to adopt today, reflects common views of CICA Member States concerning major issues of international relations; collective vision of methods for further evolution of the Forum; priority directions; and optimal forms of cooperation. Finalization of the Convention on the legal capacity of the CICA Secretariat its personnel and their privileges and immunities, whose draft we are going to adopt in principal as a result of our meeting, will be a landmark decision in the process of creation of legal base of the Conference. We can consider that all necessary conditions have been created for extending the function of the Forum in the sphere of practical actions. We have in the agenda, realization of decisions of the Second Summit, agreed decisions in CICA Catalogue of CBMs and in document “Cooperative Approach of the CICA”.  We believe that by remaining within the real framework of wider dialogue and strictly following the principles of consensus and step by step approach on voluntary basis as accepted in Almaty Act, the Conference can fully discover its potential.
Russian Federation will continue its active support to the CICA process. In this context I would like to inform about the decision to contribute in US Dollars 100,000 as a one-time voluntary contribution of Russian Federation for the budget of the CICA Secretariat for the year 2009.
Thank you for your attention.