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Statement by H.E. Mr. Vladimir Putin

President of the Russian Federation  

Dear Mr.Chairman!

Dear Heads of States!

Dear Friends!

First of all I would like to express my gratitude to the President of the Republic Kazakhstan Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev, for his kindness and hospitality. This meeting in the land of Almaty is taking place mainly due to his energy and initiative.

The Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA) is a unique forum. At our “round table” have gathered the representatives of the states of the post-Soviet space, South-East Asia, Middle East and North Africa have gathered for our round table.

As you remember, the first session within the framework of the CICA took place in 2002 right here, in Almaty. At the time leaders from fourteen countries attended that meeting. They were united by a common goal - to develop a common vision of existing in the region problems, challenges and threats and to begin a collective search for adequate responses to them as well as to give a start to a multifaceted process, aimed at strengthening trust, friendship and cooperation in the Asian space.

Today, four years on, we can see that the CICA has proved both viable and important and demonstrated the advantages of dialogue over disagreements. One of the CICA’s obvious advantages is that member countries cooperate in various formats. This gives opportunity to deal with tasks, which we face, simultaneously at various levels and to deal with flexibly and timely.

We already have a “package” of concrete measures, which have been taken in accordance with our declared goals. Among them are steps on unblocking conflicts and reducing tensions in the “flashpoints” of the region. In the “fields” of the Conference and with assistance of its organizers have taken place direct contacts between the representatives of various countries, even such countries, which still have contradictions.

Development of confidence building measures and their practical realization is the main task of our forum. The main principles of interaction among the Conference’s participants have been reflected in the political Declaration and Catalogue of Confidence Building Measures, which we have adopted.

It is not by accident that the fight with new threats and challenges took a central place in these documents. The efficiency of our confrontation with such phenomena as terrorism, extremism, can be ensured only by a high level of interaction. And only in such case can we give a blow on transnational crime and drug business, facilitate the reduction of paces of spread of fatal viruses of AIDS, bird flue and other diseases.

One more important area is cooperation among the member-states in the socio-economic sphere, creation of highly developed transport, energy infrastructure. I am convinced that by joining our efforts we can accomplish the goals that we set out in the Almaty Act in 2002. The most important of them is creation in Asia of a common and indivisible space of security in which peace, stability and development of various countries supplement, support and strengthen each other.

There is no doubt that the Conference has taken its place among multilateral forums in the Asian space. The work of the forum continues to attract genuine interest. I am pleased that our ranks are growing.

Two years ago at the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation summit in Tashkent the idea on forming a partnership network of multilateral associations in the Asia and Pacific was put forward. I am convinced that in the realization of this initiative the CICA potential can yield positive results for all the member-states.

Undoubtedly, the resources of our forum have not been fully uncovered. We have extensive prospects for cooperation in the economic, environmental, humanitarian and other spheres.

It is important that process of the Conference develops, avoiding duplication and “red tape” and relying on the principles such as consensus, voluntary participation and step-by-step development that we have agreed on.

Russia , from its part, intends in every way to facilitate the strengthening of cooperation tendencies within the framework of CICA.

Dear colleagues!

Today the CICA is making important steps to achieve the goals it has set for itself. There is no doubt that the Declaration of the Second CICA Summit that is going to be adopted will give a new impetus to multilateral cooperation.

We are also establishing the Secretariat of the Conference, which is to become an efficient tool of the forum, to facilitate coordination of work among the participating countries.

Once again I emphasize that the threats and challenges, which stand before the countries of the Asian region, do not allow us to remain idle. We still have much to accomplish together. And Russia is ready to take a most active part in the activities of the Conference.

Thank you for your attention.