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Statement by H.E. Dr. Riad Al Malki

Minister of Foreign Affairs

State of Palestine

Your Excellency Dr. Ahmet Davutoğlu, Minister of of Foreign Affairs of Turkey

Your Excellency Mr. Yerzhan Kazykhanov, Minister of of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Your Excellency Ambassador Çinar Aldemir, Executive Director of the CICA Secretariat

Your Excellencies, dear heads and members of the delegations

First of all I am very happy to convey the best greetings from the Palestinian leadership and Palestinian people as well as our special wishes and congratulations to the President, Government and people of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of this organization.

We convey our sincere wishes to His Excellency, President Nursultan Nazarbayev, the originator of this great and brilliant initiative for the establishment and creation of Asian organization for interaction and trust with a view to strengthen and improve principles of security, peace and stability in the region. Palestine makes every effort as a full-fledged and efficient member of this organization on the basis of our belief in its significance and role.  

Your Excellencies, dear ministers and ambassadors,

The establishment of this organization coincided with the beginning of Palestine-Israel peace process which started in Madrid 20 years ago and which continues to go around in a circle due to political intentions of Israel to occupy our territory; and which continues to rest on policy of delays and avoidance of peace. Israel conducts the policy of colonization and insists on Judaization of Palestine lands in Eastern Jerusalem as well as excavations under the Al-Aksa mosque, and that will lead to its collapse. Besides,  this country continues to build walls of isolation and apartheid 700 km long which occupy a huge part of Palestine lands turning them into isolated cantons and big prisons. Israel also continues stealing Palestine underground water shutting off their ways and laying siege to our cities and villages. It also conducts policy of systematic destruction of our houses, villages, and Muslim and Christian holy places. Israel pursues and detains our citizens, confiscates and robs their property in a racist and insulting manner.  All this is in addition to threats from the Israeli Government in the name of Mr. Avigdor Lieberman, Minister of Foreign Affairs calling to kill Mr. Mahmoud Abbas and the Minister of Foreign Affairs who is now standing in front of you.

Your Excellencies, dear ministers and ambassadors,

Indeed, all these actions of the Israeli Government confirm its orientation against continuation of Palestine leadership and people on their land and in their mother country, as well as impede the solution of the problem which began more than twenty years ago through Palestine-Istaeli negotiations in Madrid under the aegis and approval of international community.  

Your Excellencies, dear ministers and ambassadors,

The Palestine people are waiting with great hope from this esteemed conference, fair support of its legitimate rights on elimination of the last occupation in the world  the occupation of Palestine-Arab lands by Israel, elimination of injustice and oppression on these lands and their legitimate right on freedom, secure life and peaceful existence in their mother country  Palestine, as well as on provision of international protection to the Palestinian people. We also hope that international community will bring Israel to book for crimes committed against Palestinian people, pursue the groups of settlers for their crimes against mankind, impose sanctions on Israel and oblige it to observe norms of international law, international human rights. All this is needed to achieve termination of the occupation and give the possibility to Palestinian people to arrange their own destiny and their own independent state with its capital in Eastern Jerusalem, established in 1967.   

Your Excellencies, dear ministers and ambassadors,

The Palestinian leadership and people have suffered a lot in their pursuit to achieve solution of the conflict. However, it is clear that the idea of peace and faith in it is not ripe yet in the mind of Israeli leaders.

Yes, the idea to establish just peace, based on truth and justice is our main goal. We know very well that the road to it is difficult and complicated. Nevertheless, we are resolved to move forward and make our best in implementing this goal, relying on your support and support of the international community and all peaceful forces, respecting justice and freedom.

The Palestinian Liberation Organization headed the struggle of the Palestine-Arab people from the beginning of its establishment and is supported by Palestinian national groups who have sacrificed a lot and gone through problems and pain of this great people and protect it at international and regional forums in order to realize its cherished goal – to gain national freedom, and independence, establish the State of Palestine in its mother country and its capital in Eastern Jerusalem and returning of Palestinian refugees  to their motherland. 

Your Excellencies, dear ministers and ambassadors,

The Palestinian leadership, insistently and with intense delicacy, is making efforts for reversing the process of split and return of national unity among the Palestinian people taking into consideration the national advantage that strengthens our firmness and adherence to realization of our rights as well as enhances our power to oppose Israeli plan aimed at elimination of Palestine from the world map. We welcome all the initiatives of our close friends and brothers and highly appreciate their role and aspiration to ensure internal reconciliation of Palestine.   

Your Excellencies, dear ministers and ambassadors,

Availing myself of this opportunity I would like to express enormous gratitude on behalf of the Palestinian people and its leadership to all peaceful states which supported Palestinian rights and voted for the backing of Palestinian membership in the UN as a full-fledged member of this organization. 

In this regard I would like to express the desire of the Palestinian leadership to apply to the UN General Assembly for membership as a non-state member of the UN. We are doing it for the sake of recognition of the State of Palestine based on the decisions of the international legislation and international law by the majority of states.

We call upon you and all our friends in the world to support this step which will undoubtedly raise our chances for peace, stability and security in this region.

Your Excellencies, dear ministers and ambassadors,

Let me thank the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, its Government and people for hospitality, generosity and warm welcome. I would like to wish this forum implementation of tasks and goals on strengthening cooperation and interaction between states and peoples of the world, enhancing security, stability and peace in the region and all over the world within the framework of the UN Charter, international law and human rights for ensuring security, peace and stability in the world.  

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh