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Your Majesties, Your Excellencies,

Your Highness


               Ladies and gentlemen!

I am very pleased to be here today at the Third Summit of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia, which takes place at the highest level of cooperation and mutual trust in Asia. First of all, let me express deep appreciation and sincere gratitude to the Brother President His Excellency Nursultan Nazarbayev, to his brotherhood Republic of Kazakhstan, and to its hospitable people, where the first and the second Summit were held. We highly appreciate his effort and commendable work done during the Chairmanship of Kazakhstan, which has gone a long way since the First Summit in 200 2. Palestine aspired to be one of the founding members of this forum, and also to participate at the Second Summit in 2006 at a higher level. Today, at the time of the Third Summit, this forum has even more countries with confirmed status as member states.  

At the same time, I want to express my heartiest congratulations and deep gratitude to the Brother President of Turkey, His Excellency Abdullah Gul, on the occasion assumption of the Chairmanship of the Conference at the Third Summit. We all believe that you, Excellency, Brother President, will successfully oversee the work of this conference, and you will play a big  role in making decisions and recommendations that will be beneficial and mutually gainful for all the member states. We thank you for the warm reception and hospitality for which your Brotherly country is already well known for a long time. Turkey is a beautiful country which plays a leading and dominant role and has authority and respect not only in our region and this continent but also in the entire world. Once again I want to renew to Your Excellency my sincere congratulations and deep gratitude and wish you successful management of this conference.


Dear Mr. Chairman,  

Dear Presidents,

All of you are aware of difficulties and obstacles which are of concern to us. We have mentioned about two parallel and complementary approaches together, namely, efforts aimed at building and providing sustainable development laying the ground for independent Palestinian State with East Jerusalem as its capital; and political negotiations to take forward the peace process started in Madrid at the beginning of the last decade of the twentieth century which could not progress since then as a result of the policy of Israel, the occupying power. Israel continues of follow the policy of procrastination and evasion of the benefits of peace. Despite all this, we still adhere to the Arab peace initiative and the "Road map", which has been created to reach a peace agreement and put an end to sufferings and sorrows of our people for more than six decades resulting in a large number of refugees uprooted from their motherland. To speak about the fair world is one thing, but to find a way to achieve that is absolutely another. We, the people of Palestine, and its Government have made great sacrifices to reach a settlement of this conflict. But it appears that the ideas of peace and faith do not live in the minds of Israeli leaders. In order to achieve peace, it is essential that there must be an Israeli leader who has the courage and vision inherent to General de Gaulle who, while standing in a balcony in Algeria, addressed the crowd of Algerian people with the famous phrase: "I have understood you". If there was such a leader of the Israeli people, who possessed the same courage, we can achieve peace in a week.

Yes, the fair world on the basis of truth and justice is our purpose which we should achieve. We are trying to overcome difficulties and obstacles in international efforts in this direction, especially efforts of the American administration for peace process advancement, put forward under supervision of the international commission of the four, and under the patronage of His Excellency President Barack Obama, and his Special representative, Senator George Mitchell, through indirect negotiations. Here we shall be amiss not to express our respect and support and pay tribute to our Arab brothers, League of the Arab States, for decisions and the recommendations concerning the peace process made at all the Summits, beginning with the Summit of 200 2 held in Beirut and continuing until the last Summit in the city of Sirt. We are aware that the path to peace is difficult and fraught with many risks. However, we intend to continue our efforts to achieve peace based on international law and support from all those who love justice, freedom and peace. Foremost of all, we are banking on the support of our brothers, Arabs and Muslims, Member States of this Conference, Non-Aligned Movement, as well as other regional and international organisations.

Dear Mr. Chairman,

Dear Brother Presidents,

I have appeared before you today to tell about the scale of the tragedy and sufferings of my people under the shadow and spears of Israeli occupation, which is continuing the planning and practices of the politics of colonial aggression against our people and our land; building of the separation wall and apartheid; building of               lateral roads and land confiscation; control over the sources of our ground water; destruction of Palestine’s environment; and establishment of fixed and mobile military roadblocks isolating towns and villages. Without mentioning about daily arrests, there are more than 10,000 prisoners in Israeli jails; as well as daily incursions into our territories. All this takes place as part of a deliberate and systematic plan to undermine our efforts to establish an independent State of Palestine with its capital in East Jerusalem. Please do not forget that Jerusalem today is being subjected to a brutal assault through relocation which isolates the city from its Palestinian environment by way of the wall and construction of three major settlements; seizures of homes and property; moving increasing number of settlers to the areas inhabited by indigenous people; drilling and archeological excavations of their supposed temple under the Holy Mosque Al-Aqsa in Jerusalem as well as in every region and street, on every corner and place, below each threshold and the node in Jerusalem city. Yes, Jerusalem is faced with immediate danger of threat and needs your support, my friends and brothers. Please support the steadfastness of Palestinian people, the owners and holders of the right to live there, in order to stand in the face of the current Israeli attacks related to Judaizing and falsification of history and the identity of its heritage of human, spiritual and cultural civilization, and creating a huge imbalance in demographic composition because of the Israeli policy of deportation and expatriation, as well as high taxes and other procedures.

In the light of this bitter reality, and also demonstrating of our commitment to peace, we urge the Israeli Government to seize this historic opportunity that will ensure security, peace and stability for the Palestinian and the Israeli people within the framework of two states. We, as representatives of the Palestinian people, are fully prepared to take all necessary decisions for implementation of real peace agreement, to guarantee realization of inalienable rights of the people, to operate in conditions of freedom, sovereignty and independence, self-determination in the context of the Palestinian national land, creating an independent state, democracy in Palestine and its capital in East Jerusalem, and to ensure an equitable decision for the Palestinian refugees in accordance with resolution 194.

At the national level, we and our government, headed by Dr. Salam Fayyad, are carrying out a great work on building, reconstruction and establishment of an independent Palestinian state and its infrastructure. Our law enforcement agencies were able to fulfill their mission in implementing the decision tasking them to ensure security and public order, sovereignty and rule of law, in accordance with the law. We have strengthened our legal system, and are combating corruption, promoting realization of the concept and principle of transparency, and conservation of public funds, in words and deeds. We are moving, and will continue to move, on this path to build a peaceful, secure and stable society. In this society, citizen will be the master of its prosperity, social structure and solidarity.

Dear Mr. Chairman,

Dear Presidents,

The efforts being made by us are extremely important. However, it will not be possible to fulfill these efforts in entirety if we do not return to our national unity and solidarity between two conflicting parties. Based on this conviction, we continue to actively take actions for the Palestinian national reconciliation, initiated by the Arab Republic of Egypt with broad support of Arab countries confirmed in resolutions at the last Summit in the city of Sirt.

At this important, regional and international conference, I again call all Palestinian parties not to take into account the reservations and objections, as well as unfounded fears, and to come together in implementing provisions of Egyptian reconciliation agreement. We reiterate our commitment to sit down and discuss all amendments, objections and doubts after signing an agreement. Unity of motherland and people should transcend all other interests and partisan considerations, and we should protect our Palestinian unity without any outside influence.

Dear Mr. Chairman,

Dear Presidents,

Palestinian people are counting on support of your countries for their efforts to realize their rights. We believe and hope that you, as always, will pay special attention to the Palestinian human and national affairs, in order to allow our people to live in decent conditions in an independent Palestinian State with its capital in East Jerusalem; work on the removal of illegal settlements and the separation wall; taking the Israeli occupation army west of the line which existed on 6/4/1967. The alternative is to prolong the conflict and to keep the region and its inhabitants as hostage of a vicious circle of violence and creation of innocent victims. We want fair and honorable peace based on legitimate resolutions adopted by the international community, people's right to self-determination – and this is not too much to expect.

Let me convey to you, Excellencies, Presidents and leaders, our sincere congratulations and respect. I convey best wishes to this conference in achieving its goals; strengthening of cooperation and understanding between our countries and peoples and nations and peoples of the world; enhancement of security, stability and peace in our region and in the world within the frame of United Nations Charter, international law, international human rights, to enable everybody to live in the world under the conditions of peace, security and stability for a mutually beneficial coexistence. We are brothers in humanity, today our world has become to a small global village, thanks to globalization and its facts.

Assalamu Aleikum