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Statement by H.E. Mr. Mohammed Sa'adeh Odeh (Tayseer Khaled)

Special Envoy, Assistant to the President of the State of Palestine

(Palestinian National Authority),

Member of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization

Your Excellency President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Mr. Nursultan Nazarbayev,

Distinguished Presidents,

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Please allow me on behalf of the Chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization, President of the State of Palestine Mr. Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian people to welcome you and convey the warmest greetings of the Palestinian people, struggling during many years for their liberation, independence, security, peace and stability and wish successes to the Second Summit of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA).  

The Second CICA Summit is taking place when Asia and the world are undergoing serious, large scale and deep changes, which have put before Asian countries urgent as never before the task of studying aspects, concerning security, peace, co-operation   and establishing bridges of trust in all the fields.

The Palestinian government has always been paying a big attention to processes of numerous and consecutive meetings held within CICA framework. At the same time we have confirmed our adherence to the documents, signed in 1999 concerning the sovereignty, non-usage of threat of force or its usage in resolving conflicts, when they appear, territorial integrity of member-states, settlement of conflicts by peaceful means, non-interference in the internal affairs, elimination the weapons of mass destruction, cooperation in economic, social and cultural fields and, lastly, protecting human rights and defending the principles of freedom, justice and democracy.

Your Excellency Mr. Chairman,

Mr. Presidents and heads of delegations,

Ladies and Gentlemen!

According to the Almaty Act that is line with the Charter of the United Nations and IV Geneva Convention of 1943 any state, whatever the reasons are, does not have the right to violate the UN Charter, fundamental principles of the international law, does not have the right to invade and occupy the territories of the other peoples and states or use the threat to territorial integrity or of annexing, to deny the rights of peoples for self-determination, ignore the rights of peoples for achieving progress, social, humanitarian, economic and cultural development.

Concerning the Palestinian situation, I can tell that since 1967 we and the world community have been witnessing systemic destruction of infrastructure and all vital facilities in the Palestinian territories by the troops of the Israeli occupants.

The Palestinian people for many decades has been living under occupation and latest years is having hard times because of the terrorist practice of occupational forces and groups of Jewish settlers, the policy of economic blockade, deterioration and shortage of resources, because of mass punishments imposed on all the cities, villages and camps, and also because of sharp deterioration of living standards and disappearance of services in all fields, especially in the field of public health services and education.

In spite of their hard fate the Palestinian people look into the future with pain as well as with hope, derive elements of resistance before the fearful Israeli military machine from the righteousness of their cause and adherence to resolutions and decisions of the international legislation and international law. It, in its turn, corresponds to and coincides with the declaration of principles of the Kazakhstan initiative in the field of security, stability and cooperation in opposing terrorism, which target peaceful people, as well as in the fight against the state terrorism.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Palestinians are one of the peoples who crave for peace, cooperation, security, stability and liberation from occupation. Simultaneously, rejecting any unilateral and partial decisions, which the Israeli government intends to realize, the Palestinian people extend the hand of peace and call to a universal and balanced political decision of the conflict in region on the basis of resolutions of the international legality, Arab peace initiative and the right of two states - the State of Palestine and the State of Israel to exist in accordance with the international plan the Road Map, on the basis of a fair decision of the issue of Palestinian refugees, proceeding from relevant principles of international law and resolutions of the United Nations, which would facilitate the establishment of security, peace, stability and cooperation between all the peoples of region, including the State Palestine with the capital in sacred Al-Quds Al-Sharif (Jerusalem).

Once again I convey the warmest greetings from President Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian leadership and I affirm our support to all resolutions and decisions that will be adopted at this Summit and I emphasize our readiness to play an active and constructive role in achieving those goals for the sake of which CICA was created.