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Statement by H.E. Mr. Mohammad Akhtar Tufail

Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to the

Republic of Kazakhstan 

Your Excellency Mr. Chairman,


Ladies and Gentlemen,


It is a unique privilege to be in the beautiful city of Astana to commemorate 20 years of the establishment of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA). CICA owes its conception and existence to the vision and political sagacity of President Nursultan Nazarbayev. We greatly admire his leadership in making CICA a living reality.

I would also like to thank the people and the Government of Kazakhstan for their warm welcome and gracious hospitality. 

We deeply appreciate efforts made by Turkey as Chair of CICA to strengthen the CICA process.

Mr. Chairman,  

Since its inception twenty years ago, CICA has made commendable and steady progress. It has evolved into a valuable forum for interaction, dialogue and confidence building.

As one of the original members of the organization, we are pleased to see it flourish into a unique platform representing the diversity and richness of the Eurasian region.  

Mr. Chairman, 

Like elsewhere, Asia faces formidable challenges like political disputes, terrorism, drug trafficking, poverty, climate change and organized crime. We must cooperate to overcome these challenges.

The CICA region is geographically contiguous and is richly endowed with natural resources. There is an abundance of human resources and technical knowhow. Pakistan with its location and the confluence of Central Asia, South Asia and West Asia offers a natural trade and energy corridor. We have developed a deep sea port at Gawadar, which could facilitate trade with the Central Asian region and the western parts of China. We have also undertaken major projects to upgrade road and rail networks to facilitate commerce and trade in the region.

Mr. Chairman,

An environment of peace and security is indispensable for development and prosperity in the region. Pakistan fully recognizes this imperative. In this connection the Declaration on the Principles Guiding Relations between CICA member states and the Almaty Act rightly underscore the interdependence of political, military, economic and socio-cultural aspects of relationships among member states and a comprehensive vision of security in Asia.

Mr. Chairman, 

Pakistan seeks a peaceful, stable and prosperous neighborhood through economic cooperation and peaceful resolution of issues. We have reached out to our neighbors with a sincere desire to promote long-term peace, development and stability.

We are engaged in a comprehensive dialogue with India in a purposeful and forward looking manner to find peaceful resolution of all outstanding issues, including Jammu and Kashmir. 

Pakistan and Afghanistan are brotherly countries-whose destinies are intertwined. We both have shared negative consequences of prolonged conflict in Afghanistan. Pakistan is fully committed to promoting durable peace and stability in Afghanistan. We have and will continue to do all we can to support an Afghan-led and Afghan-owned reconciliation process in Afghanistan.

We would stand shoulder to shoulder with our Afghan brothers in dealing with the challenges of transition up to 2014 and during the transformation decade beyond 2015.  

The growing confrontation over Iran’s nuclear programme threatens further instability in the broader region. Dialogue and diplomacy should be the only instruments to resolve issues.

We are deeply concerned on the continued bloodshed in Syria. We strongly condemn the bloodletting by all sides. This should stop immediately. Democratic aspirations of the Syrian people must be respected. We urge all sides to show restraint to save civilian lives. 

Pakistan fully supports the inalienable right to self-determination of the Palestinian people and the establishment of an independent and viable Palestinian state with Al-Quds Al-Sharif as its capital.

Mr. Chairman,

Terrorism is a global menace. No country has suffered so much from this scourge as Pakistan. We have lost more than 40,000 innocent lives. Our economic losses exceed US$ 78 billion.

In the struggle against terrorism, the real victory lies in winning the hearts and minds of the people by addressing the conditions that engender feelings of helplessness and deprivation among the people.

Mr. Chairman,

Besides security and political issues, we are encouraged that CICA is exploring cooperation in other areas including economic, environmental and human dimensions. The environment requires our particular attention. Various parts of CICA region fall in the category of most vulnerable regions in the context of climate change. Central Asia and South Asia, which largely depend on glacial and rain waters for their fresh water supplies, will be most affected by the global warming. The assessment of our own experts indicates that Pakistan falls in the region most adversely susceptible to climate change. We must benefit from respective strengths of CICA member states to overcome the challenges of global warming.

Mr. Chairman,

CICA is indeed a valuable forum for interaction focusing on our collective challenges. It provides a framework of voluntary CBMs that can help manage conflicts and settle disputes which alone can guarantee durable peace. Our future depends on peace and prosperity in our region. Pakistan is committed to the realization of these goals.

I thank you.