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Statement of H.E. Mr. Lamberto Zannier

Secretary General

Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe  

Mr. Chairman, Minister Kazykhanov,


Ladies and Gentlemen,

I wish, at the outset, to pay special tribute to Kazakhstan for hosting this event, and personally to President Nazarbaev for his leadership and commitment to the development of CICA since 1992.  I also wish to extend my compliments to Turkey’s able Chairmanship of CICA.  

The leitmotif of the Turkish CICA Chairmanship since assuming the office in 2010 has been “Constructing Co-operative Security in Asia”. The OSCE has long championed a comprehensive and co-operative approach to security. Our two organizations share, therefore, similar approaches to addressing the complex challenges of the 21st century.

In facing these challenges, we must first of all build upon the role of a number of countries actively engaged in both of our Organizations. Actually, seven OSCE participating States as well as seven OSCE Partners for Co-operation are full members of CICA.   

At the 2010 OSCE Summit in Astana, - the first in 11 years thanks to the very committed leadership of Kazakhstan-, the OSCE participating States declared the security of the OSCE region to be “inextricably linked to that of adjacent areas”. Against this background, we fully recognize that not only our similar approaches to security, but also these commonalities on membership, provide an excellent opportunity for co-operation based on building trust, finding common ground among States and developing common initiatives for achieving shared objectives.

I am a convinced advocate of pragmatic and result-oriented co-operation, so I would like to mention a few areas where I see already this common ground for co-operation. 

  1. Sharing of expertise on the implementation of Confidence- and Security-Building Measures (CSBMs). CSBMs lie at the heart of CICA activities, and are an area where the OSCE has developed significant expertise and can share some valuable lessons. We intend to further develop our interaction in this field.
  2. Combating Transnational Threats. Our respective regions share a number of security challenges, including terrorism, trafficking of narcotics and organized crime which cannot be defined only regionally and call for broader responses. Also, the international community is increasingly facing new cyber threats and threats stemming from the use of information and communication technologies (ICT). I believe it would be beneficial to explore the potential for future interaction on this area.
  3. Promoting security and stability in and around Afghanistan. An important contribution in this regard is the Istanbul Process, launched in 2011. Significantly, my first bilateral meeting in my current capacity with Executive Director, Ambassador Aldemir, took place in the margins of that conference in Istanbul. The “Heart of Asia Ministerial Conference” in Kabul last June agreed to advance the implementation of seven Confidence Building Measures in the political co-operation and security, economic co-operation and education fields. The OSCE is fully committed to this process. The Organization and its field missions stand ready to co-operate with other international and regional organizations, including CICA, in the implementation of CBMs based on our respective comparative advantages.    

There is, therefore, much common ground for further developing ties between the OSCE and CICA. The OSCE remains prepared to discuss with CICA initiatives for practical cooperation in Central Asia involving our field presences here, including our training facilities, such as the OSCE Academy in Bishkek and the Border Management Staff College in Dushanbe.

Our common interests and priorities provide a solid foundation on which to build our co-operation. For my part, I look forward to continue my fruitful engagement both with the Chairmanship and with Executive Director, Ambassador Aldemir.   

Thank you for your attention.