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H.E. Mr. Audronius AZUBALIS 

Mr. President, Excellencies,

It is my great privilege to attend the Third Summit of CICA at the invitation of the Foreign Ministers of Turkey and Kazakhstan, in my capacity as an OSCE Troika member. 
I shall observe that since the initiative by President of Kazakhstan, H.E. Nursultan Nazarbayev, in 1992 the CICA has evolved into a strong intergovernmental forum with close interdependence and cooperation in economic and environmental fields. Co-operative approaches will make ties binding the region stronger, thus promoting comprehensive security. 
CICA and OSCE participating states and Asian Partner states share many borders and rivers, debate common challenges and opportunities, strive to create secure, democratic and prosperous societies. I believe the two entities can find synergies. They can share experiences drawing on each other's strong institutional capacity and the body of principles and commitments.
 Both seek mutually acceptable measures for building confidence and resolving conflicts, aim at building confidence and security.
I believe there is a good potential in promoting a productive dialogue on issues of mutual concern, such as trans-nationals threats, drug trafficking, combating terrorism.   
We could be better informed of each other efforts at strengthening border controls, promoting transport routes and energy security.
CICA and OSCE could continue strengthening commitments to human rights and democratic values.   
I believe that the special meeting of CICA members, OSCE Asian Partners and OSCE Troika has brought up a rich palette of common interests. It is worth to continue building regional partnerships of the basis of the OSCE Platform for Co­operation. 
In relation to the recent tragic events off the coast of Gaza, Lithuania supports the declaration by High Representative Catherine Ashton on the Israeli military operation against the Flotilla. We deeply regret the loss of life and express our condolences to the families of the victims. There obviously has to be an immediate, full and impartial inquiry into the events and the circumstances surrounding them. 
I wish to convey my deepest appreciation for having me here and for cordial hospitality by the host.