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Honourable Chairman, Your Excellency Mr. President Gül,


Ladies and Gentlemen,

At the outset I would like to express my deep gratitude to the Republic Turkey for its kind acceptance of the honorary Chairmanship and hosting the present summit as well as warm hospitality ushered us in the fabulous city of Istanbul known with its long and great history.

Mongolia has been giving a great importance to CICA as one of the pivotal mechanisms of multilateral cooperation in the region. In this context we wish to bring our humble contribution to the joint efforts to ensure security, political and economic stability in Asian region.

I’m confident that our initiatives on Mongolia’s Nuclear-Weapon-Free Status and the establishment of the International Research Centre -Think Tank for the Landlocked Developing Countries in Ulaanbaatar, which are expecting supports and cooperation of the member countries will be incorporated into the final declaration of this summit. It will become a valuable impetus to security and stability on the vast Asian continent, thereby ensure a broader development of economic, infrastructural cooperation amongst the countries in the region. We are supporting those proposals which would contribute to the strengthening of peace and security in the world in general and in the Asian region in particular. In this context we commend the signing of Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty between the Russian Federation and the United States of America on 8 April 2010. We also welcome with satisfaction the establishment of a nuclear-weapon-free zone in Central Asia. We consider these events as tangible breakthrough for maintaining security and building up confidence in the region.

Mongolia is ready for meaningful interactions with other countries in direction of reinforcing of CICA’s activity and efficiency. We are reiterating our support to the joint efforts of world community to establish stability in the Middle East, Afghanistan and Korean peninsula which are becoming challenges in the areas of peace, stability and security in Asia.

Dear delegates,

As a part of North East Asia, Mongolia wishes stability, mutual confidence, multilateral cooperation and prosperity to all countries in this region. We express grave concern about the situation on the Korean peninsula and it can become aggravated in connection with sunk the Cheonan vessel of navy fleet of South Korea and destruction of 46 lives. This incidence concerns not only two Koreas, but also stability of entire Northeast Asia. Therefore, Mongolia hopes that all corresponding parties having shown patience and prudence and will solve this issues by peace talks. We express our readiness to make required contribution into immediate resolution of this problem.

Furthermore we will pay increased attention into more constructive involvement of the Mongolian delegations in seminars, trainings and conferences organized by CICA. Specifically in workshop on human trafficking this co-organized with OSCE and International Migration Organization, seminar on issues of leading management of water resources for agricultural and urban usage by high technologies, in meetings of experts and specialists in accordance with enhancing menace of illicit drug production, its trafficking and money laundry.
While noting the important role of the President Nursultan Nazarbayev of the Republic of Kazakhstan in establishment CICA and promoting it’s activity we reaffirm our commitment to make contributions to the joint efforts under Chairmanship of Republic Turkey to increase international image of CICA, to the promotion of the CICA process, to further strengthening peace, stability and wider range of cooperation in the region.

In summary, I wish to point out that in the days and months to come Mongolia will continue actively cooperate with CICA, with its member and observer states for the peace, security in the region, and to the progress, prosperity and well-being of our peoples.

Thank you for attention!