About Us LAS observer

It is a great privilege for the League of Arab States to participate, as an observer, in the third CICA Summit.

-Allow me at the outset to congratulate the republic of Turkey for presiding over the CICA Chairmanship for the coming period. I am sure that Turkey will energize the CICA and, as an active regional force, will lead the CICA towards positive cooperation and dialogue among its member states.

-The League of Arab States would like to pay its sincere condolences to the Turkish Government and the families of the victims of the Freedom Convoy who lost their lives following a barbaric Israeli aggression against their ship, The League of Arab States condemned, in its extraordinary session on the ministerial level on June 2nd 2010, the Israeli policies and practices which constitute acts of "state terrorism" and "piracy" perpetrated in international waters.

The League of Arab States shares many attributes with the CICA, for we do not only share an overlapping of member states, the last of which is Iraq, but also face common challenges and similar emerging threats, such as the devastating effects of conflicts, the repercussions of the global financial crisis, terrorism, and the proliferation of nuclear


-The League of Arab States has realized the importance of developing its relationship with Asian countries. This has been reflected in the establishment of a number of cooperation forums with China, India, Japan, Russian and Turkey.

-"The Association of Arab Neighborhood" is another initiative that has been launched by the Secretary General of Arab League lately with the aim of strengthening its relationship with its regional sphere.

-In the area of conflict prevention, the League of Arab States has been developing a number of mechanisms and structures in order to assist its members in resolving conflicts through dialogue and cooperation. We seek to consolidate cooperation with your initiative as you seek, through collective efforts, to build dynamic interaction with the objective of promoting peace, security and stability in Asia.

-We are concerned over the proliferation of Nuclear Weapons we are concerned over the developments in the Iranian Nuclear file. The League of Arab States believes that this issue should be resolved through peaceful means involving dialogue and diplomacy, without tampering with the inalienable rights of states to the peaceful Nuclear Energy.

-The 2010 review conference of the NPT, which was successfully concluded two weeks ago, has reasserted the importance of establishing a zone free of Nuclear and other weapons of Mass destruction in the M.E This zone provides a comprehensive regional approach to the issue of nuclear proliferation in the M.E.

-The road to peace in Afghanistan will be long and hard. But given the high stakes involved, the commitment of the international community must be sustained.


-History has taught us that peace, Security and prosperity are indivisible. Countries who are today attending this Summit share these common interests and aspirations which in turn allow them to do more, particularly on important issues of security and development, and to pursue their legitimate interests in a secure and just environment. 

 Thank you!