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Statement by H.E. Mr. E. Otorbayev

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs

Kyrgyz Republic  

Dear Mr. Chairman, 

Dear colleagues,

Let me join the words of gratitude addressed to hosting Kazakhstani side as well as Turkish Chairmanship in view of splendid organization of our Ministerial Meeting marking 20th anniversary of CICA process.

Indeed, the initiative on convening of the Conference voiced two decades ago testifies to solid adherence to the idea of establishing an efficient structure on providing peace and security in Asia. It is quite remarkable that its successful realization allowed establishing the first viable model of cooperation for the high purposes of ensuring peace, security and stability in our dynamic and increasingly important region of the world.    

I would like to stress that in our opinion, maintenance of peace and security in Asia should be based on cooperation and trust. We should further actively work in order to achieve peaceful coexistence of Asian states in the atmosphere of trust, good will, freedom and prosperity. I am confident that Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia, established at the initiative of Kazakhstan, will ensure it far and wide.  

Dear Mr. Chairman, 

Reasons for convening of the Conference remain topical for the Kyrgyz republic.

Our country, along with its neighbours, remains under the pressure of international extremist and terrorist groups which make attempts to penetrate territories of Central Asian states. They pursue a definite goal of realizing “jihad” against secular regimes, their final overthrowing and establishing “just caliphate” in the region.       

Naturally we are carrying out goal-seeking and complex task on preventing and countering the treat of international terrorism and religious extremism. At the same time, we clearly realize that it is impossible to defeat terrorists only by force in so far as the phenomenon of terrorism thrives in its ability to adapt and be replenished by new human resources with minimal financial outflows. Use of force has only temporary impact and causes negative results; that is why it is obviously insufficient.

At the same time this problem is urgent not only for one country. Kyrgyzstan makes its contribution to the fight against terrorism; nevertheless, permanent interaction and unification of efforts of all CICA Member States and other international organizations is required for overcoming terrorism. 

Dear Mr. Chairman,

Despite positive political changes going on in Afghanistan, in particular, creation of Afghan National Army and Police Forces, the threat on the part of destructive forces of extremism and terrorism, which oppose reforms of the Afghan Government, continues to remain.     

Another task for the world community is minimization of drug trafficking, along with the issues of providing security. Production of opium during recent years is in not declining but increasing. Accordingly, the volume of drug trafficking via the so called “northern corridor” and Central Asia is increasing. In this connection, Kyrgyzstan is making attempts to counter illicit drug trafficking. However, terrorism, extremism and drug trafficking do not recognize nationality and clearly defined state borders; and therefore affect the world security.    

That is why we call upon all CICA Member States to have more active trade and economic cooperation for reconstruction of Afghanistan. We believe that in the reality of today, it is the most urgent and prospective sphere of cooperation. We need to develop trade and economic ties, expand export and import operations with Afghanistan. In this respect, the realization of the project CASA -1000 on transmission and trade of electricity between Central and South Asia as well as transport projects including railroad “China-Kyrgyzstan-Tajikistan- Afghanistan-Iran” is very important.

Dear Mr. Chairman, 

Protection of environment and ecology is of no less significance in providing security in Central Asia. For example, the problem of uranium waste, which is also a regional one, causes serious concern to our country. For this reason, we have decided to put forward a joint resolution “About the role of international community in preventing radiation threat in central Asia” within the framework of the First Committee of the 67th Session of the General Assembly. In this respect, we rely on your support for adoption of the draft resolution. 

Generally, the Kyrgyz Republic made its choice in favour of long-term sustainable “green” development that implies further introduction of its three components – economic, social and ecological – into long-term national strategies and programmes of the country. We recognize the importance of the development of economy with due consideration of environmental protection requirements, ecological security and friendliness towards natural resources.   

We believe that joint work in this direction will also considerably contribute into sustainable development of the CICA Member States.  

Dear Mr. Chairman, 

Certainly, 20 years are indicative for an international association. Our Conference is strengthening and we are growing. I am convinced that permanent work on perfecting of our approaches and available instruments for their realization is an important task for us.  At the same time, we are of the opinion that consensus approach to the solution of our tasks based on the comprehensive approach to providing security in the region predetermines further development and strengthening of our Conference.

Thank you for attention.