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Dear Chairman!

Dear Heads of State and Government!

 Ladies and Gentlemen!

First of all, please allow me to congratulate the President of Turkish Republic, H.E. Abdullah Gul, for assumption of the Chairmanship of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia by the Republic of Turkey.  

I am certain that it will promote realization of the CICA purposes on strengthening of security and stability in Asia with recognized authority of the Turkish leadership on international scene. I would like to thank the Government of Turkey for the excellent hospitality and offering opportunity to the Kyrgyz delegation to take part in this high level forum.

Allow us to also express our words of gratitude to the President of Republic of Kazakhstan, H.E. Nursultan Nazarbayev, for his strenuous efforts in creation and development of this international forum with the intention of promoting deep partnership relations and mutually beneficial cooperation among the Asian countries.  

Today we are witnessing definite successes in development of dialogue and pursuit of mutually acceptable measures which meet concerns of the CICA Member States in addressing the problems of maintenance of peace and security in the region.

Kyrgyzstan regards the Third CICA Summit as an important event in vital activity of this international forum, which offers opportunities to its participants to carry out the analysis of their work and to define priorities for the coming years.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

Two months ago Kyrgyzstan reached a new stage of development in its history. Today, it is the endeavour of the leadership of the country to make all efforts towards further strengthening of democratic, social and economic transformations. We face the challenge of ensuring all necessary conditions for functioning of the institutions of the democratic state, a sustainable economic development of Kyrgyzstan, and improvement in the well-being of the people.

We have taken following steps in this direction. On 20 May of this year, the Provisional Government has approved the draft of the new constitution of the Kyrgyz Republic. This document was developed with direct participation of citizens, public organizations and political parties while taking into account recommendations of the international experts.  

On 27 June 2010, a national referendum will be held for approval of the draft constitution.

In this regard, I would like to take note of the support of the United Nations Organization, OSCE and other international organizations in our efforts to carry out comprehensive democratic reforms and solving urgent social and economic problems with a view to stabilizing the political situation and reducing the social unrest in the society. The United Nations is now rendering technical assistance to the Central Election Committee and has sent experts to work in it.

Dear Chairman!

The Kyrgyz side highly appreciates and expresses gratitude for the humanitarian and financial assistance received by the people of Kyrgyzstan for stabilization of the social and economic situation in the Republic following the events of 7-8 April this year.

Taking this opportunity, I would like to sincerely thank delegations of the CICA Member States and the Observers States which have provided the assistance and support to Kyrgyzstan.

The special merit in decline of internal political unrest goes to the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan which acted as intermediaries in resolving the black moment of threat of civil confrontation flash in April this year in Kyrgyzstan. We express deep gratitude to leaders of the above-named friendly and brotherly countries.  

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

The Provisional Government of the Kyrgyz Republic is undertaking necessary measures for strengthening of the institutions of the governance.

During this difficult period of its history, the country faces new challenges of political, social and economic nature. We are faced with attempts of destructive forces to destabilize the situation by manipulating separate groups of the population for escalation of interethnic confrontation, which has already led to bloodletting and creation of a trouble spot in the South of the Republic.

The Provisional Government of the Kyrgyz Republic is carrying out a balanced and purposeful policy concerning the national minorities living in the territory of the country. Basic provisions of this policy are providing and protecting the rights of national minorities, support of inter-ethnic harmony and inter-confessional tolerance.

State power structures of the Kyrgyzstan are undertaking all necessary measures aimed at maintenance of the interethnic harmony and timely counteracting any threats to the rights of the ethnic minorities.  

Dear participants of the Summit!

The Provisional Government of the Kyrgyz Republic has more than once declared its commitment to honour all earlier obligations within the framework of the international agreements signed by the Kyrgyz Republic.

I would now like to underline interest of Kyrgyzstan in the further advancement of the role of CICA as multilateral forum for close cooperation, an all-round exchange of views, addressing new challenges and threats, contributing to conflict prevention, peaceful resolution of disputes and also development and realization of the coordinated confidence building measures in the Asian continent.

It should be mentioned that the Kyrgyz side has positive experience of international cooperation within the framework of the Catalogue of confidence building measures. In March 2009, Kyrgyzstan organized an international seminar "Dialogue of confessions - a way to a stable society" in Bishkek in accordance with the Action Plan in human dimension for 2008-2009. 

Dear Chairman!

Kyrgyzstan shares the concern of the international community in dealing with contemporary challenges and threats to security and supports active cooperation of the CICA Member States on issues of countering terrorism, extremism and drug trafficking.

The illegal traffic of narcotics and precursors is a global problem faced by the humanity. All of us perfectly understand that it is difficult to solve a problem by struggling with its consequences, instead of preconditions. While there are motivations for production, trafficking and sale of drugs, they certainly have a negative impact on security and stability of any country.

I would like to note definite success of the Central Asia countries in preventing spread of weapons of mass destruction. On 21 March 2009 the Treaty on Nuclear Weapon Free Zone in Central Asia has come into force. In this regard we urge "nuclear powers" to support the initiative of the Central Asian countries and to sign the Protocol on negative security assurance.

One of the hallmarks of our Nuclear Weapons Free Zone is its environmental orientation. The presence of large number of underground storage sites containing highly toxic and radioactive wastes of uranium and other harmful technological waste is a matter big concern in the Central-Asian region. These facilities pose a great danger to public health, cleanliness of the rivers and create threat to arable lands.

We call upon the foreign partner-donors and international organizations to render financial, technical and other assistance to region for eliminating the problem of storage of uranium waste.  

Dear participants of the Summit!

The Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia is an important mechanism for further strengthening the system of security, stability and cooperation on the Asian continent.

The evidence of it is today's accession to the CICA two new Member States and an Observer State. Taking this opportunity, I congratulate delegations of Iraq and Vietnam on acquisition of the status of CICA Members and delegation of Bangladesh with the status of the Observer.

Thank you for attention.