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Statement by H.E. Mr. Kurmanbek Bakiyev

President of the Kyrgyz Republic

Dear Mr. Chairman!

Distinguished Heads of Delegations!

Ladies and Gentlemen!

First of all, let me express my sincere gratitude to the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev for his personal invitation to take part in the Second Summit of the heads of state and government of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia.

Today, after the passage of four years since holding the First Summit we are witnessing the dynamic process of the CICA development, which is to facilitate cooperation among the Member-States in the issues of security and stability in the region.

From the very beginning of the initiation by the President of Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev of the idea on convening the CICA Kyrgyzstan, without any hesitation, supported this proposal. This initiative is extremely important and relevant; moreover, I would say that it is a historic event, for it embodies in itself the work and efforts of the Asian states on creating a durable peace and mutual understanding in Asia.

Our political forum is open for all and is steadily expanding its area of activities due to the accession to the Conference of new members among the regional countries.

The decision of the Republic of Korea to become a full member of the Conference serves as an evidence of the above said. In this connection we welcome the joining of the Republic of Korea the CICA and congratulate the Head of the Korean delegation on this remarkable event.

Dear participants of the Conference!

The signing on the 4th of June, 2002 of the Almaty Act, undoubtedly, became a historic step towards creation of a universal structure of interaction of the Asian states on the path of ensuring security and stability in the region. This document has to be considered as the fundament of our interaction that determines the goals and main direction of cooperation between the participants of the Conference.

Owing to our joint efforts and mutual understanding among the Member-States on realization of the agreements reached within the framework of the Almaty Act, was adopted the Catalogue of Confidence Building Measures, which envisages multilateral cooperation on a wide range of stability and security issues.

As it is known, Asia is a cradle of various civilizations, cultures, religions and traditions. At the same time there is a number of unresolved problems in the mutual relations of certain states. In this connection the Catalogue of Confidence Building Measures can be considered as one of the mechanisms of dealing with sensitive issues of interaction between the countries. I am convinced that in the nearest four years a lot of attention will be paid to practical realization of this mechanism and to its improvement. And, no doubt, we can sum up the outcome of this work at the Third Summit.

Undoubtedly, this will allow CICA to become an efficient tool in resolving many issues in the military-political, economic, humanitarian and environmental dimensions.

In this connection I would like to emphasize that Kyrgyzstan attaches a big importance to the process of CICA development as one of the contemporary forms of regional cooperation in the issues of counteraction to the challenges and threats to security.

Accelerating pace of globalization exert growing and ambiguous influence on all the aspects of the international life, thus becoming a source of birth on the global level to so called new threats and challenges – international terrorism, religious extremism, illegal circulations of narcotics, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, social and economic problems.

Today terrorism is one of the most real threats to security at all levels: global, regional and local. The events of the 12th of May, 2006 when insurgents of Islamic movement of Uzbekistan broke into the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic and attacked a Customs post can serve evidence to it. At the cost of the lives of Kyrgyz servicemen it was possible to block insurgents and avert the realization of their plans.

Relying on its own experience, Kyrgyzstan attaches a big importance to the development of an efficient international cooperation in the fight with terrorism.

Being a participant to 9 out of 13 international conventions against terrorism, Kyrgyzstan actively supports the efforts of international community in this field of joint actions. Currently are being held intrastate procedures on the ratification of the International Convention on the fight against acts of nuclear terrorism, which Kyrgyzstan signed on the 5th of May of this year.

Besides, the Kyrgyz Republic directly takes part in a number of the antiterrorist actions that are held both within the framework of the international organizations, in which the country participates, and together with other countries.

Our country is strengthening interaction with its neighbours in the region in the fight against international terrorism, religious extremism and drug traffic and actively cooperates on all the spectrum of antiterrorist problems with the member-states of the CIS, Shanghai Cooperation Organization and Collective Security Treaty Organization.

I would like to especially emphasize the importance of the Anniversary Summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, which has taken place in Shanghai on the eve of today's Conference. During that summit the results of the five-year activity of the SCO have been summed, a number of documents aimed at the deepening of cooperation of the SCO countries in the sphere of maintaining stability and security in the region have been adopted.

It is important that all the SCO member-states concurrently are participants of CICA, which is a good basis for future interaction between the two structures on the matters of mutual interest.

Today, illegal circulation of drugs is a serious threat to security and stability of any country, provoking so the growth of crime rate and drug addiction. The income received from drug trafficking is used to finance criminal activities and corruption, the armed terrorist groups and extremist elements. While assessing the importance of the fight with illegal circulation of narcotics we are fully conscious of the significance of the issue and shall take all the efforts in dealing with it.

The Kyrgyz Republic reiterates its’ adherence to the realization of coordinated actions and joint efforts in this direction. In this connection we consider necessary and important the cooperation in such areas as the boundary control, law-enforcement activity and exchange of information between the countries of the region.

Along with it, I would like to note, that we consider economic dimension as one of the important elements of developing equal and mutually beneficial cooperation within the framework of our Forum, which is aimed at strengthening the potential of its participants. In this connection a special attention deserves the development of power sector, transport communications between the Member States, realization of the project on construction of the regional China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan railway.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

One of the pressing issues of the contemporary world is non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. Thereupon, I wish to especially note that while ensuring own security and affirming adherence to the policy of disarmament and prevention of the spread of weapons of mass destruction Kyrgyzstan along with other countries of the Central Asia actively takes part in creating a zone that is free of nuclear weapons.

We welcome the political dialogue between India and Pakistan, strengthening of confidence building measures between them, especially in the nuclear field. It, undoubtedly, will also facilitate strengthening of security both in the South Asia and in the Central Asian region as well.

Dear participants of the Summit!

In accordance with the Almaty Act the CICA Ministers of Foreign Affairs were tasked to finalize the elaboration of all aspects related to the establishment of the Secretariat. The signing of the Agreement on the CICA Secretariat is a logic continuation of creation of the full-fledged acting body of the Conference that is to facilitate the practical realization of the Almaty Act and the Catalogue of Confidence Building Measures.

The tasks, which we are putting before ourselves, are not simple ones. However I allow myself to express confidence in the genuine progress of the CICA for the sake of strengthening the peace, trust and cooperation in Asia.

Thank you for your attention.