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Statement by H.E. Mr. Nursultan A. Nazarbayev

President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Dear Heads of State and Government, 

Heads of international organizations,

Dear participants to the Conference!

It is a highest honour for me to greet such a representative Forum here in Almaty. Please allow me to express to all of you my sincere gratitude for taking part in the work of the Second Summit of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia as well as for the genuine support and active promotion of CICA ideas.

During the First Summit of our Conference the Almaty Act – its fundamental document was signed. Since then the goals of establishing a forum on Confidence Building Measures in the Asian continent have received a wide recognition and support of the world community. CICA process is becoming a more visible factor on the international arena.

The adoption in 2004 of the CICA Catalogue of CBMs – comprehensive and unique document in the world diplomacy - became an important historical milestone in the development of Asian security. In the near future and with joint efforts we are to develop the mechanisms of the Catalogue’s implementation with the aim of their possible use in practice already during the period, preceding the Third Summit. We are well aware that there is a big work ahead on bringing together long-term, often non-coinciding interests, on renewal and creation of an additional legal basis.

CICA is a young forum, often moving on unbeaten paths and therefore not possessing ready recipes for all cases and situations. The optimal solutions are worked out through dialogue. However, at the same time, existing world experience, modern trends of development vividly demonstrate that even on the Asian continent an universal approach to the issues of security and co-operation require practical and gradual application of CBMs.

In order to successfully withstand the new global challenges and threats it is necessary to concentrate the efforts of the entire world community. For the extensive Asian continent with its reach natural resources and huge human potential, unfortunately, is typical in many cases the transit form of development of the states and societies as well as presence of ‘old’ conflicts. CICA, to our opinion, can and must become an integral part of the global system of counteracting the challenges of the contemporary world.

The development of new regional structures in Asia is an evidence of the fact that Asian countries require co-ordination and co-operation. Such a tendency is not something exceptional, similar processes are also taking place in other parts of the world.

I would like to note the following as main factors that contribute to the development of the regional initiatives.

First of all, the specifics of the circumstances in each particular area put more responsibility on the states of the region in terms of abiding by the basic principles of the UN, creating the atmosphere of trust and full-fledged cooperation.

Secondly, globalization, being almost a synonym of inter-dependence of the states of the modern world, shows that regional approaches based on the principles of mutual consideration and respect of interests are becoming guarantee of viability and durability of foreign political goals.

Thirdly, politically and economically competitive regional structures strengthen the positions of the states on the global level.

All these also concern the participants of our forum. Today it is obvious that there is no alternative to the constructive interaction in the fields of economy, ecology and humanitarian area.

Kazakhstanattaches a great significance to the economic dimension of CICA as important and integral component of activities on ensuring economic security and overall cooperation. The level of economic development of the states directly affects the possibilities of ensuring the regional stability. It is not a secret that widening of the ‘poverty belt’ and social degradation in some regions is a breeding ground for the spread of new threats. Thus, stable economic growth and ensuring sustainable development in many ways determine the ability of our states to counteract adequately the modern challenges.

One of the first steps in strengthening of confidence in this field could become enlargement of trade and economic cooperation. Here, in our opinion, the CICA Secretariat that is being set up should play an organizing role.

There is no doubt that the ecology issues are very much important for the majority of Asian states. Therefore, it is time to start developing a general model for solving these problems. It can be drawn up as a separate document that consists of basic principles of coordinated policies in the field of ecology. At the same time it is obvious that it is necessary to focus attention on a regional approach, which is based on the fair consideration of interests of all parties involved.

Recent developments clearly demonstrated the need for coordinated actions in preventing and comprehensive assistance in overcoming the aftermath of natural calamities and man-made catastrophes. In the context of forming a stable system of confidence it is very important to establish an efficient information exchange. It is hard to acknowledge that the absence of necessary data sometimes turns into a tragedy for hundreds of thousand of people.

The issue of consolidation of the efforts of the Asian states in settling the conflicts and dealing with humanitarian disasters as well as in facilitating the dialogue and mutual understanding of the cultures, religions and civilizations deserves an increased attention. The Second Congress of the leaders of world and traditional religions to be held this autumn in Astana, particularly, is dedicated to this high and noble cause.

Kazakhstan as the Chairman of the Conference calls on the Member States of CICA, all Asian countries involved in one or another conflict to embark on the path of reaching comprehensive peace, security and stability on the basis of negotiation process.  We are of the view that it is necessary to all participants of CICA process to demonstrate restraint and responsibility in mutual relations with each other in order to avoid worsening of tensions.

We think that the fulfillment of international obligations in the nuclear field and with regard to non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction is a firm basis for building a more secure world and plays an important role in ensuring stability and confidence in Asia.

Kazakhstanwelcomes all the initiatives, aimed at achieving of these goals, which are based on agreements and mutual understanding, principles of respect to sovereignty, non-intervention into the internal affairs of the states and non-use of force. In this respect the fact that all the Asian countries are strongly against the international terrorism as global evil is very encouraging.

On the way of ensuring regional and global security as well as adequate counteraction to the modern challenges and threats, there is no doubt that wide collaboration and interaction are required. In this regard it is important to continue the exchange of views on the perspectives of our cooperation with the United Nations in order to work out mutually acceptable approaches towards strengthening of overall security.

The key decisions must be taken jointly by the UN Member States and on condition that the principles enshrined in the UN Charter, are fully observed. These generally recognized norms lie at the foundations of the multilateral diplomacy that is active within the framework of the CICA.

The trends of the development of the modern world, problems and antagonisms that have revealed themselves recently, point to the barest necessity of new level coordination of joint efforts in ensuring both the global and regional security. In this respect ‘the CICA ground’, which is absolutely open and convenient for equal dialogue, demonstrates its urgency and vitality.

Dear participants to the Summit,

The present Summit marks the exceptionally important process of forming institutions of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia, creation of its permanent body – the Secretariat.

This is a first step on the way to setting up security structures in Asia.

Kazakhstanalong with partners within the Conference is actively working on solving organizational and financial aspects of ensuring the activities of the Secretariat, which will be represented by the experts of CICA Member States. We have provided, as a first input, a building in Almaty for the CICA’s Headquarters and necessary funds “to launch” the Secretariat.

Once again I would like to underline that the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia is open for all states of the continent and we welcome the accession of the Kingdom of Thailand and Republic of Korea to the CICA. Let me express hope that other Asian states will also join our Forum as full members or observers. This would have contributed to the successful activity of the Conference as continental structure and platform for the interaction.


In conclusion I would like to express my deep gratitude to the Heads of State and Government, High Representatives of the international organizations, who have arrived in Kazakhstan to participate in the current Summit in spite of their extremely tight schedules. Owing to you it would be possible to adopt its most important documents. I am confident in the bright prospects of the CICA process and I wish to all of us successful and fruitful work.

Thank you for your attention.