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Your Excellencies, the out going President of CICA and the Incoming President of our distinguished  Forum,

Distinguished leaders of important countries and nations,

Representatives of Observer States and guests,

Dear  Ladies and Gentleman.
With your  kind permission I would like to start by conveying to our out going  Presiden ,His Excellency President Nazarbayev, my country most sincere   gratitude for his great vision which have launched ,already towards the end of  the 20th Century, the noble idea of a Forum in which various Asian  States would   work together, by implementing various building measures, in order  to promote peace, stability, confidence and friendship within our common  Asian Continent.
From its very beginning CICA has been greatly supported by the State of Israel in its first strides as a unique Asian Forum. Israel's support is due to its conviction that the goals of the form are noble and just. Israel has given   its active assistance and expressed, in words as well as deeds, its sincere wish to cooperate together with CICA’s members  for the success of our Forum , its members and goals. . Israel's active participation in the Forum's   activities and its readiness to hold, in the last three years, together with the CICA Secretariat, two seminars on Water management  and Advanced agricultural techniques bear witness to the great importance my country attaches  to CICA. My country has been contributing to the CICA structure by working together with its members in the Special Working group, the Senior Officials Committee which have laid the foundation stones upon which CICA has been built.
Today, here in this beautiful city of Istanbul, all CICA members  are on the eve of passing the torch of our Forum's  Presidency from the very able hands of Kazakhstan to Turkey. It is Israel's  hope and wish that Turkish Presidency will take CICA further in its efforts to foster peace and stability in our region. It is my country sincere wish that the great vision, foresight and statesmanship that has been a part and parcel of the Kazakhstan Presidency will be pursued with the same vigor and intensity during the tenure in office of our new Presidency, Turkey, to which we wish much success upon assuming its new role and to which we thank for its most generous hospitality here today.
CICA's  uniqueness in its composition , diversity and unique cultural traditions calls upon all its members to act together ,in a consensual manner,   in order to deepen and broaden the Asian cooperation. A graduated approach which was adopted as the instrument  to advance in the implementation of CICA's catalogue of confidence building measures has been agreed by all members as the tool that would offer flexibility .Competing national interests have been accommodated within the voluntary basis upon which all member states  are able to exercise.
In a Statement delivered in the second CICA Summit which took place in Almaty on June 17th, 2006, by the then Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey and our gracious host, today, H. E Abdullah  Gul,  President of the Republic of Turkey ,we read:" In the first half of the twenty first century we are faced with a very complex concept of security . Today security is indivisible and comprehensive by nature" end of I quote. And then “As the risks and threats to our security and stability are closely interlinked, efforts to tackle them should also be in a consistent and harmonious with each other. Thus dialogue and interaction among our states are more urgent than ever" end of quote.
Mr . President , most distinguished representatives , dear colleagues,
Israel shares and supports, greatly, the vision of our new President as it was expressed  four years ago. It is our belief it is only through direct dialogue and interaction that our common stake in the stability, security and , indeed , prosperity  of our  Asian continent can be achieved. Yes, we should exert our best efforts for conflict prevention and crisis  management  as it was set in the in the "Declaration on the Principles  Guiding Relations among CICA States" and  the Almaty Act.
CICA is a Forum that has been so far persistent in its efforts to  establish good neighborly relations among its members . Israel hopes and prays are that this great vision and endeavor for our region and  Asia  will surmount any difficulty  for it is a noble cause towards which  is worth struggling   for , it is as needed  today as it was when launched , nearly 20 years ago , by His Exc . President  Nazarbayev .
We  trust that the great wisdom of our past and future Presidents will further inspire  future  success of CICA.
Thank you for your attention.