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Statement by Ambassador Pinhas Avivi
Deputy Director General, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of State of Israel

Mr. Chairman, Excellencies, distinguished guests,

I am delighted to be here/today to attend the Third Meeting of the CICA Ministers of Foreign Affairs.

Allow me first to express my deep appreciation and gratitude to H.E. President Nursultan Nazarbayev and to the government of Kazakhstan for organizing this important event and for the warm hospitality extended to us.

Mr. Chairman,

Since the idea of CICA was first initiated by President Nazarbayev about 16 years ago, Israel has taken an active role in the Almaty process and has contributed to the development of this forum.

The importance we ascribe to the CICA is derived/oh one hand from the unique composition of its membership, and on the other hand from the nature and objectives of this body. It is a forum for open and free dialogue, based on a multilateral structure and a cooperative approach, which seeks to develop cooperation between states in Asia and to enhance security, peace and stability there.

Much work has been done over the years by member states under the skillful guidance of the Chairmen: Abusseidov, Shakirov Abdrakmanov and Seksenbayey, and with the assistance of their professional staff. This work has laid the foundations for the CICA forum, its structure and contents, and has paved the way to its further development.

With the establishment of the secretariat two years ago, the CICA has been entering a new phase, in which efforts are directed to advance the implementation of CBM's, as a mechanism to develop multilateral cooperation, regional security and good neighborliness.

Mr. Chairman,

The beginning of the new millennium has been marked by the emergence of new challenges and threats to world peace and security. Among these are, primarily global terrorism (which has gathered momentum since the September 11 attacks) and the proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). In addition, there are potential threats such as failed states, organized crime, trafficking (in all its forms) and illegal immigration.  These threats differ from traditional threats in scope and nature. Most of them are transnational and multi-dimensional, while some tends to be elusive and asymmetrical. Indeed, these grave threats demonstrate the urgent need for the international community to join forces and strengthen efforts to address them effectively - on a global, regional and national level. They also highlight the importance of combined actions and coordinated responses.

Mr. Chairman,

Our experience throughout the years has taught us that the road to peace and security is a long and arduous one. We have also learned that confidence building constitutes a necessary first step towards these goals, and that movement on this course should be gradual and based on a step by step approach.

These lessons, if adopted, can be conductive to efforts in other parts of the world to promote regional security and cooperation along the lines of the CICA vision -namely: the CBMs' concept, the phased and gradual approach, reconciliation and co-existence, as well as the acceptance /of core values such as non-violence, tolerance and mutual respect

As we look forward to the ambitious task of the realization of the CICA vision, which means the development of multilateral cooperation and the enhancement of security, peace and co-existence on the Asian continent, let us hope that such ideas and values will be expanded beyond the CICA boundaries to other parts of the world and will prevail there.

Mr. Chairman

At a time when world peace and security are increasingly threatened by forces of evil, extremism and terrorism, this gathering may offer a model for tolerance and goodwill between peoples from different societies, political systems and cultures. Indeed, this is the idea behind the concept of the "new regionalism" which has guided the CICA since its very foundation.

Allow me to conclude by wishing us all a constructive summit and a pleasant stay in Almaty.

I thank you.