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 In the Name of God the Compassionate, the Merciful

الحمد لله رب العالمين و الصلوة و السلام علي سيدنا و نبينا محمد و آله الطاهرين و صحبه المنتجبين

اللهم عجل لوليك الفرج و العافية و النصر و اجعلنا من خير انصاره واعوانه و المستشهدين بين يديه

            Distinguished Chairman,

            Honorable Heads of State,

            Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,


I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to his Excellency Mr. Abdullah Gül, Esteemed President of dear people and Government of Turkey for His hospitality and successful holding of this meeting. Also I would like to thank His Excellency Mr. Nazarbayev, Esteemed President of Kazakhstan for all the efforts that His Excellency made during His Chairmanship.

Mr. Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today we are faced with different challenges. The economic challenges have affected all the countries and people of the world. The unbalanced system of capitalist economy brought very bitter and hard experiences for mankind. Aggravation of unemployment, poverty and bankruptcy on many financial and economic institutes, reduction of trade and economic growth and its negative effects in the society, are some aspects of these challenges. 

Security which is the most important and fundamental need of mankind is in danger. The Nuclear Threats have spread its shadow over the world. People in our region are suffering form presence of foreign troops. Presence of millions of people who have been displaced or have been killed or economically have become backward and did not have any growth, are all result of the presence of foreign troops in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Another important international problem is the military intervention of certain states which act and behave arrogantly vis-à-vis other states. The main important factor of political instability in the world is as a result of the inefficiency of Security Council, its discriminatory structure, having membership of certain expansionist states and its trans-border intervention.

The occupying Zionist regime is the main reason for insecurity, displacement and sufferings of millions of people of Palestine and its neighboring countries. Zionist regime by stockpiling atomic arms is in fact the only reason for expanding state terrorism and breaking all the legal and humanitarian rules and thus became permanent threat against the countries of the region and real insult against humanity, and while being supported by the international network of Zionism, put further pressure on the people, states and medias of the world.

The reaction of this regime vis-à-vis the humanitarian caravan of peace and freedom indicate the true image of this regime. We send our greeting to the martyrs of this event and express gratitude of the people of Iran to the revolutionary and faithful people of Turkey and all other nations who participated in this struggle and gave martyrs, and also express our sincere appreciation to the government of Turkey for its resistance. 

Dear Friends,

The root of all this problems lay in material philosophy and ideology, the ideology which is not emerged from spirituality, and divine epistemology and profits’ manner. In fact, its objectives in the economic and financial fields are nothing rather financial advantageous, without paying attention to the rights of others or having any obligations for implementing justice. The ideology which is supporting and justifying the domination in the political arena by resorting to aggression, occupation, massacre and expansion of insecurity and terrorism, and also expand the intervention in the affairs of others by resorting to the immoral tools such as deceit, threatening and expansionist and inhuman behaviors and finally resort to food and medicine blockade.

In the cultural field, this ideology has expanded to the extent that it has led to the collapse of the unit of family which is the first unit of society and center of love and affection. As a result, unkind people will emerge who sacrifice humanity for their own material interests and will cause destruction of society.

Dear friends,

It is an honor for us that we do not belong to above mentioned culture. Other nations also do not belong to that culture. Our culture is based on monotheism, justice and love and affection for humanity. All the divine prophets from Abraham and Jesus till last prophet of Islam Mohammad, peace be upon them all, had all invited man to love, affection, truth and justice.

The prophets had always respected the rights of people and states and in fact human rights had the highest value and position for them.

Dear colleagues,

It is evident that present situation can not continue and its continuation will lead to nothing rather than further destruction and loses. So today we need new structures and principles for global interactions. The divine philosophy and thoughts which cover humanity and moral, is considered as the best structure for cultural, economic, political and international relations. On this basis justice, respecting human dignity and rights of others, brotherhood, love and affection for others became the base for interaction and relations with others, and there will be no more reason for injustice, discrimination, aggression, war, insecurity and poverty. So this meeting with the presence of certain great countries with ancient cultural heritage and influence can play important role in changing present situation of the world in line with the interests of people and also in line with the interests of preserving sustainable peace and security in the world.

On this basis and with regard to what has been said, we present following recommendations:

1.By relying on cultural similarities which bring the hearts of people closer  to each  other  and  by   emphasizing  the   divine  mid humanitarian  values,   we   can   pave  the   ground   for  further convergence, integration and brotherhood. Thus for doing so it is recommended that a group of elites, scholars and ministers of culture to take action for preparing a brotherhood and friendship chart, to be considered as a base for having relations and interactions among different countries of the world.

  1. Paying attention to the existing defects in the international economic system and strengthening constructive convergences in the economic and financial interactions have become a necessity and must. Doing interaction with current currency of the countries or with the package of valuable currencies or as barter can be considered as a first step.

So it is recommended that a group of ministers of economy and central banks to hold common meetings in order to find suitable mechanisms for the implementation of these plans.

  1. However, during the recent UN review meeting of N.P.T, it was decided to disarm the countries possessing nuclear arms, but these countries resisted regard to dead line and guarantee for disarmament. So it is recommended that a group of ministers of foreign affairs or ministers of energy to verify the various mechanism for nuclear disarmament.

Elimination of nuclear arms means destroying the main threat of the expansion of nuclear arms, preserving environment and economic interests of the countries, and removing of air and water pollution. The goal of "peaceful energy for all, atomic arms for nobody" can be materialized only with collective cooperation.

Tehran Declaration presents appropriate pattern for all the NPT member countries for achieving peaceful nuclear energy. Tehran declared its obligation to the provisions of this Declaration and hopes that Vienna group take this historical opportunity and declare their obligation vis-à-vis respecting the rights of all the people of the world including people of Iran and having constructive interactions. While I would like to express once again my gratitude to the initiative of the governments of Turkey and Brazil, I would like to request that the three countries shall continue their work along with other friendly and independent countries of the world.

4- The structure of approach should be based on justice. All the member countries of CICA should take initiative in materializing this important approach. So it is recommended that for continuation and following up the issue, it should remain in agenda.

5- Today for all of us it has become clear that network of Zionism is the main element for creating injustice, discrimination, spreading war and aggression in the world. The Zionist regime is the center of this network and is supported by US and UK governments. As long as there is no control over arbitrary and inhuman efforts of network of Zionism, the world can never witness peace and tranquility.

It is evident that Zionist regime is not alone while committing all these crimes and aggressions and at the same time it is immune from any international prosecution. Here I explicitly declare that supporters of Zionist regime are also responsible for all these crimes.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has presented a very democratic recommendation based on UN charter, for solving the regretful problem of Palestinians and that is holding of referendum with presence of all Palestinians including Muslims, Christians and Jewish. The Islamic Republic of Iran believes that this is the cheapest and shortest way for solving Palestine problem.

6- The aid caravan of Peace and Freedom was a humanitarian act for helping oppressed people of Gaza, who are under siege and military aggressions in their proper home for the period of almost 3 years. While we announce our solidarity with the people of Gaza and condemn the siege of Gaza and anti humanitarian attack against humanitarian aid Caravan, we recommend that in the final Declaration we should firstly condemn all the efforts of Zionist regime for attacking humanitarian aid Caravan, and at the same time to emphasize on ending the siege of Gaza and to support the voluntary aid Caravans moving towards Gaza from different countries of the world. Thirdly, following up the common efforts for breaking the cruel siege of Gaza should be effectively put in to the agenda. We are sure that present situation will change soon and peace and tranquility shall replace war and insecurity. Moving in this way shall bring brilliant future for humanity, the future that is promised by our prophets. So today it is a need for all of us to make efforts to have a world of peace, joy and tranquility under leadership of Imam who loves every one.

I would like to thanks all of you and pray to the God Almighty for the success of my colleagues in order to expand peace, brotherhood and security.

Once again I extend my gratitude to my brothers His Excellency Mr.Gül, Esteemed President of Turkey and His Excellency Mr.Nazarbayev, esteemed President of Kazakhstan.

Wa Salamo AlaikomVa Rahmatallah Wa Barakatohou.