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Statement by H.E. Mr. Seyed Mohammad Ali Mottaghi Nejad
Director of International Political Department
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Islamic Republic of Iran

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

H.E. Minister Marat Tazhin,


Ladies and Gentlemen,

At the outset allow me to join other speakers in expressing our sympathy for the lost of life in the plane crash in Bishkek yester evening where a number of our compatriots along with passengers of other nationalities. This sad incident was also the reason for the absence of H.E. Mr. Hosseini, Iran’s Deputy Foreign Affairs in this important affair in this important meeting.
Mr. Chairman,

The formation of CICA is one of the significant initiatives that were launched in Asia to promote peace and stability in the region. I hope this ministerial meeting will lay down necessary grounds for the realization of the lofty goals and objectives of CICA.

Implementation of ideas of interaction and Confidence building would be of great benefit to our region if we, as member States of CICA, participate in an effective and meaningful way in the current regional and international arrangements. Hence, feeling the responsibility and the need for cooperation on substantial issues and mobilizing the existing capacities and resources in support of our common goals are prerequisite conditions for Asian solidarity and integration.


In the past, cooperation among states revolved mainly around the axis of security and military issues. At present, the regional and international groupings are shaped mainly around economic, trade and commercial interests. This does not mean that we ignore the necessity for collective peace, stability and security. The fact of the matter is that security concerns stands atop other international concerns. Friendship and respect for each other’s borders and collective security per se prepares the ground for better economic and trade cooperation.
In Asia, cooperation in energy sector can serve as a platform for Asian integration. Construction of oil and gas pipelines, investment in oil and gas development projects, expansion of transportation facilities and projects relating to the sustainable development of the member states can play an important role in the regional integration. We shall make further investments for expansion of trade relations and exchange of technologies and make further joint ventures in different areas including transportation. We believe that we can define all required factors and elements, for the production and energy consumption, within a comprehensive security plan, for Asia. The Islamic Republic of Iran is fully prepared to play the role of a reliable and effective provider of energy for Asian states. The firm will of Iran is to move towards further integration and economic and security progress of the region; the reason lies in the fact that solid relations among Asian states will bring about promotion of relations between Asia and other continents as well. It is in the light of this approach that we put expansion of construction of oil and gas pipeline in our neighboring countries high on the agenda of our economic policy. Sharing scientific advancements and knowledge in Iran with other countries in our region is also seen within the same approach. This is a capacity which can be of great use in favor of neighboring countries of Iran and other Asian States.

Mr. Chairman,

Increasing tendency by certain States to resort to unilateralism and unilaterally imposed measures, and the continuation of the presence of foreign forces in some parts of our region has endangered peace and security in this continent and has had adverse effects on economy of our region.

  Current biased efforts to restrict the right to peaceful use of nuclear technology are a serious challenge, not just for Iran but for all developing countries. The credibility of NPT will be seriously challenged if signatory states that remain committed to their obligations are prevented from benefiting its advantages and rights, which in and of itself constitute the greatest threat against non-proliferation regime. Unfortunately, the attempt for denial of the rights is coupled with the threat of attacks against peaceful nuclear facilities. These threats pose a great danger to peace and constitute a flagrant violation of international law, the very letter and spirit of the Charter of the United Nations and regulations of the IAEA.

The Islamic Republic of Iran, as the party to the Non-Proliferation Treaty and as an active member of international community in promoting nuclear disarmament, while observing its legal obligations, is determined to exercise its inalienable right for peaceful use of nuclear energy, under the Safeguards Agreement with International Atomic Energy Agency. This policy is based on a long-term planning to meet the growing energy needs of my country. We are ready to negotiate along the same lines and ensure the peaceful nature of our activities but we can not deny our nation of the benefits of peaceful use of nuclear energy.

Mr. Chairman,

Intercultural dialogue and respect for cultural diversity, shaped on dynamic national and regional identity, can bridge the gap among the Asian states and between Asia and other continents. Our world, today, is in search of an atmosphere of understanding, diversity, equality, and freedom. We must seriously make a new plan in favor of coexistence in Asia, and then the whole world.

It is the responsibility of all of us to take part in the cultural and economic regeneration of Asia and we should make every effort to reduce poverty and insecurity. We believe that the role of CICA in adopting plans and projects which would assist further expansion of its relations with other regional and sub regional organizations in Asia is of paramount importance. Without any doubt our cooperation in this meeting can provide another opportunity for the exchange of our views in order to utilize the existing capacities and potentials for consolidation of peace and prosperity in Asia and spur us to work towards adopting a more consistent and concerted decisions for the attainment of our lofty objectives.

Last but not the least, allow me, Mr. Chairman, to congratulate Jordan and United Arab Emirates in joining CICA and the State of Qatar as observer. This would surely add to the importance of our Organization.

I wish also to express my sincere thanks to the outgoing Executive Director H.E. Mr. Asanov for the great work done in the formation of the CICA Secretariat and the achievements thereafter. I would like to congratulate the incoming Executive Director Ambassador Dulat Bakishev for assumption of the new task and wish both all success in their carrier. I can not conclude but to express my most sincere thanks to the people and Government of Kazakhstan for hosting this Ministerial Meeting, and I hope with cooperation and concerted efforts of Member States, CICA would be more strengthened in the pursuit of its objectives.

Thank you very much for your kind attention.