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Statement by H.E. Mr. Cheng Guoping

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs

People’s Republic of China

Dear Minister Yerzhan Kazykhanov,

Minister Akhmet Davutoğlu,

Dear colleagues:

I am very happy to head the Chinese delegation and be present at the Meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs on the threshold of the 20th anniversary of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia. At the outset, let me express sincere gratitude to Kazakhstan, as the host country and Turkey, as the Chairing country for magnificent organization and excellent conditions for the work of the Conference.

Twenty years ago, against multi-polar development of world policy and economic globalization and deep changes in political and economic situation of the Asian region, complicated task of providing peace and development confronted the countries of this region, which insistently required more profound cooperation with broad-ranging participation. It was in order to face changes in international and regional situation that the CICA was born.   

As President Nursultan Nazarbayev noted, while presenting the initiative to establish the CICA, at the 47th Session of the UN General Assembly: The road of thousand steps begins with the first one. During the last 20 years, the Forum has moved forward steadily. We, participants of the Forum stick to the spirit of peace and cooperation in Asia and adhere to such principles of interstate relations as respect of sovereignty, equality and territorial integrity, non-interference in internal affairs, peaceful settlement of disputes, opportunities for development for all. These positions received deserved recognition of the international community. We have jointly elaborated and are efficiently implementing confidence building measures in different spheres. Our interaction, which is constantly expanding, embraces spheres of policy, security, economy and human ties. We are constantly improving mechanisms of cooperation and attach great importance to the development of multilateral ties. It is not accidental that today the number of member states has increased from 16 to 24, which constitute 90% of the Asian population occupying 90% of its territory.  Thus, the Forum has become one of the inter-civilizational and interregional multilateral associations rarely established in the world. Well-known spirit and principles of the Forum have gained wide recognition. During 20 years the Conference, as a unique rostrum, served as a very useful platform for strengthening mutual understanding and trust among Asian countries in order to provide peace and stability in the region as well as promoting exchange and cooperation. Main reasons for such success lie, in the first place, in the fact that the CICA activity responds to common aspiration of the region to peace, cooperation and development. The initiative of President Nursultan Nazarbayev showed far-sightedness and vision, as an outstanding state leader. The Chinese side highly appreciates it.

Your Excellency Mr. President, dear colleagues,

While rapid development, major changes and transformations are going on in modern world, peace and development remain main problems of our epoch. All the while, the world financial and economic crisis is not ebbing, acute international and regional issues keep recurring constantly, issues of traditional and non-traditional security are interrelated, and factors of instability and uncertainty are growing considerably.  

Due to powerful economic growth and dynamic development of regional cooperation, Asia has turned into the engine of world economic recovery and the most viable region of the world with great potential for development. It is clear that its weight and influence are growing rapidly. But on the other hand, the situation in the area of security in Asia is the most complicated in the contemporary world. A number of urgent and intricate issues are waiting for their solution. 

The new development and change in the situation in the sphere of security of world and regional dimension show that:

-           Concept of security has undergone qualitative changes. The issue of security has ceased to be a purely military one; it concerns political, economic, social, religious, national, informational, and environmental spheres.

-           Security now is more than ever closely connected with development. Underdevelopment and poverty caused by many factors has led to sharpening of contradictions and upheavals in a number of countries. Comprehensive, balanced and sustainable social and economic development is facing growing threat of non-traditional security challenges.

- Interdependence among the countries is closely related to their interests. The level of globalization is so high that the world has become a community of common destiny. No country can cope with global security challenges on its own. The security of one country is closely connected with the security and multilateral cooperation of the region. Upheavals and conflicts in one country can cause chain reactions beyond its borders. Therefore, the world should elaborate and conform to a new concept of security, cooperation, development, society in the spirit of mutual trust, benefit, equality, interaction and respect for diversity of cultures and aspiration for joint development.   

Under new conditions, Asia faces unprecedented opportunities and challenges. Transformation of Asia into a harmonious region with stable peace and general prosperity responds to common interests of Asian peoples. Our Conference, as an important multilateral forum in the region, which stands for the development of cooperation in the spirit of interaction and strengthening cooperation, should and can play a more significant role in enhancing mutual trust, peaceful settlement of conflicts in the region, implementation of inter-civilization exchange and dialogue, and promotion of common development and prosperity. In this regard I would like to make the following proposals:

First, expand political trust and settle disputes by peaceful means. Enhance trust and interaction among Member States in strict accordance with the UN Charter and generally recognized norms of international law, on the basis of goals and principles of basic CICA documents. Respect the right of every country to choose the social system and the path of development on its own. Always adhere to five principles of peaceful coexistence; non-interference into internal affairs and refrain from dictating terms; necessity to have equal dialogues and mutually beneficial cooperation; manifestation of sense of responsibility, good will, wisdom, patience for achieving security in the region.  

Second, provide joint development, enhance security through cooperation. Taking into consideration the fact that both, countries with forming markets and developing countries as well as developed and less developed ones are located in the region, it is necessary to take practical measures for the development of economy and raising the well-being of the people. Deepen mutually beneficial cooperation and assistance among Member States for joint counteraction to address financial and economic crisis, reduction of differences in the development and removal of poverty so that the regional cooperation serves the interests of all countries and promotes elimination of factors of upheavals and conflicts in the region.

Third, stand for multi-polarity and perfection of mechanisms of ensuring security. Establish an area of indivisible security with respect for interests of all countries for achieving equal security for all countries.   We suggest elaborating rules of behavior of all Asian countries in the sphere of security on the basis of the Chinese-Russian initiative on strengthening security in Asian- Pacific region. To increase interaction of the Forum with such regional structures and forms as SCO, CIS, and ASEAN for further accomplishment of the network of multilateral structures of security in the region.   

Fourth, to adhere to the principle of “achieving general under preserving differences”, respect the diversity of cultures. Asian countries differ in political and economic systems, culture and models of development. This is our peculiarity but at the same time it is a source of inexhaustible strength. We should refrain from the stereotype of the game with “zero force”, develop the spirit of openness and inclusiveness, the spirit of harmonious coexistence and permanently renew forms of cooperation, and promote the development of the region in various forms.     

Your Excellency Mr. President, Dear colleagues,

As a result of thirty years of reforms and openness, ties and cooperation of China with the world are becoming more intense. The development of China, its prosperity and stability are often related to the development and peace in Asia. China, in its turn due to its development, presents additional possibilities for the development of Asia. The ancient Chinese wisdom says: the basis of the relations with all the countries – far and close- is obligatory commitment to trust and fidelity to the word.  China was and remains to be adherer to the policy of good neighbourhood and partnership with near abroad; good neighbour, best friend and reliable partner of Asian countries. As before, we will strengthen good neighbourly relations and friendship with Asian countries, intensely implement practical cooperation in the spheres of policy, economy and security, and create the atmosphere of peace, stability, equality, mutual trust, cooperation and mutual benefit in the region and the world by joint efforts.  

As a Member State, China attaches special importance to its participation and is actively engaged in strengthening and promotion of the Forum. The Chinese leadership personally participated in the work related to the formation of the Forum, as well as took part in the Summits. The Chinese side extensively participates in the elaboration and implementation of CICA confidence building measures and conducts dialogues and has ties with other Member States on issues of mutual interest. We assist the Chairing country and have made contribution by holding meetings of Special Working groups and Senior Officials Committee; we made voluntary contributions into the budget of the Forum’s Secretariat during four successive years. In support of the CICA activity, this year we will make a voluntary contribution in the amount of 100,000 US dollars. As a responsible Asian country, China is ready to strengthen solidarity and mutual trust among Asian countries and make contribution into the creation of harmonious Asia through interaction within the CICA framework. We have already applied for Chairmanship for the period 2014-2016 and count on support of other Member States.

The 21st century – is an Asian century. No matter how the world situation develops, the Chinese side will loftily carry the banner of peace, development and cooperation together with all the Forum Member States and promote the advancement of CICA. We will make tireless efforts in the name of providing peace and stability in the region and achievement of joint development and prosperity.

Thank you!