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Statement by H.E. Mr. Qiao Zonghuai
Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of People Republic of China

Esteemed Nursultan Abishevich,
Esteemed Marat Muhanbetkazievich,
Esteemed colleagues,

It is our pleasure to be in the beautiful city of Almaty and participate in the Ministerial Meeting of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA),

First of all I want to thank our Kazakh colleague, as Chairman, for detailed preparation and excellent organization of this meeting.

Only yesterday Beijing Olympic Games were successfully closed. I would like to congratulate all of us for outstanding success of sportsmen of CICA Member States and convey words of sincere appreciation to Kazakhstan and others Member States of the forum for their assistance during the period of preparations and during the Olympic Games.

The Olympic ideals of Peace, friendship, understanding and cooperation are also the objectives of CICA.

Due to joint efforts of the Member States, CICA is continuing its active growth for the sixteenth year. Its institutional structure is improving; envisaged confidence building measures are being implemented; and its international influence is rising. The forum is providing effective means for strengthening of dialogue, understanding, confidence and cooperation among Member States and is playing unique role of providing security and promoting cooperation in the region. We are happy to see considerable progress and success of the forum and appreciate consistent efforts made by the Kazakh side as Chairman.

China, as one of members of big Asian family and friendly neighbour of Kazakhstan, pays significant attention to CICA process and participates actively in its activities. We have made a voluntary contribution to the budget of CICA Secretariat in order to help in the activity of the forum. I would like to assure you we shall continue, by different means, to contribute to the institutional building; elaboration and realization of confidence building measures; more intensive function of the forum to strengthen understanding and confidence in the region; development of dialogue between civilisations; and to make the region balanced.

Esteemed colleagues,

Profound reforms and fundamental changes are taking place in the contemporary world. With reference to Asia, we can say that in general the situation in the region is stable. Regional cooperation is increasing and economy is showing healthy growth. The Asian region is going to witness the best period ever. However, it is necessary to realize that inability of the world economy to accomplish some of the difficult development goals is complicating the situation for Asian countries. Issues of financial, energy and food security are gaining more importance and the fight against poverty is becoming more difficult. Additionally, such non-traditional security issues as terrorism, separatism, extremism, drug trafficking, disasters, diseases and aggravation of environmental situation are becoming strong challenges for us. It is beyond power of one country to solve these emerging problems of regional and global scale.

In such circumstances, to build harmonious, peaceful and prosperous Asia is possible only by collective efforts of all the states in the region in deploying available channels of development; facing the challenges; creating confidence and consolidating contemporary realities. To fulfil this task, I would suggest that the Member States of the forum focus their efforts in the following directions:

First, consolidation of mutual political confidence and coexistence. It is necessary to respect independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity of each other; support the ways of development chosen independently; act according to the principle of mutual consultations; aim for unity while maintaining diversity; settle disputes and conflicts by peaceful means; and promote the process democratization of international relations.

Second, mutual support and help in the field of security. We propose to realize a new concept of security, key contents of which would be mutual confidence, mutual benefit, mutual consultation, strong countering of the evils of drug trafficking and trans-national crime, and creation of favourable environment for internal development of the Member States.

Third, realization of mutual economic benefit. All of us must jointly work towards acceleration of development, reduction of social segregation, dismantling of poverty and growth of welfare of people. It is necessary at the same time to contribute to liberalization and facilitation of trade and investments, while making joint efforts to change the process of economic globalization into a balanced and mutually beneficial track for development.

Fourth, development of cultural exchange for the benefit of common progress. We should promote exchange and interaction among different civilizations and at the same time respect the diversity of Asian nations, cultures, religions, and values and make joint efforts towards the progress and prosperity of mankind.

Fifth, realization of external political interaction and fulfilment of common tasks. It is necessary to consolidate cooperation among the regional multilateral organisations and mechanisms like CICA, SCO, CIS, EurAsEC and ASEAN. We need to promote the dialogue, interaction and coordination of positions with organisations from other regions. We also need to create a network of close partnership relations that, in my opinion, would allow us to jointly provide regional security, promote development in the region, and build harmonious Asia and safe world.

Esteemed colleagues,

 In modern globalizing world, destinies of states are vitally connected. Development of China is impossible without Asia, and for prosperity and stability in Asia, China is necessary. Our country was and is adherent to peaceful development and external political course to development of good neighbourly and partnership relations with neighbouring countries while promoting our national interests with careful conjunction of common interests of people of neighbouring countries. We are ready with colleagues of the forum and with all Asian countries to work for consolidation and interaction, deepening of traditional friendship and strengthening of practical cooperation, active promotion of regional and sub- regional interaction in Asia and make strong efforts for building an Asia where peace and stability, equality and mutual confidence, cooperation and mutual benefit would reign.

Thank you for your attention!