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Statement by Mr. V.G.Garkun 

First Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee

Commonwealth of Independent States  

Dear Mr. Chairman!

Dear ladies and gentlemen!


Let me, first of all, express my gratitude to the host country and to Mr. Yerzhan Kazykhanov, Minister of Foreign Affairs, for the invitation and giving me an opportunity to speak at such an important forum as well as for excellent arrangements. 

The CIS notes with satisfaction the that the initiative of convening the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia announced by the highly respected President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Mr. Nursultan Nazanrbayev, from the rostrum of the 47th Session of the UN General Assembly gained wide international support and has achieved its practical realization and further progressive advance.

Time has decisively confirmed the exceptional need and significance in the formation of the architecture of regional and global security. Today CICA, as a multilateral dialogue forum, makes considerable contribution towards countering modern challenges and threats; and provides growth of wide-scale international cooperation based on equality and mutual respect.    

Fight against international terrorism, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, drug trafficking, organized crime and illegal migration; development of dialogue among civilizations; preservation of cultural diversity; and deepening of cooperation in human, economic and environment dimension are among the priorities of CICA.

Eurasian dimension of the Commonwealth makes it natural for participation of a number of CIS states in the CICA process. In principle, many of our positions, interests and priorities are similar. 

The task of ensuring stability and security and taking efficient steps to counter global risks and threats are irrevocably priority fields of cooperation for the Commonwealth. The supreme bodies of the CIS have adopted a number of documents which conceptually determine principles, tasks, main directions and forms of cooperation and interaction in this sphere. Mid-term (for the three year period of 2011-2013) inter-state programmes of joint measures in fighting crime, terrorism and other violent manifestations of extremism, illicit drug trafficking, psychotropic substances and their precursors, illegal migration, and human trafficking have been adopted. The work of secret services, law enforcement bodies, customs, and border agencies is being coordinated with a view to the realization of these programmes.    

Joint actions are implemented with consideration of the leading role of the UN and necessity to develop cooperation with other international institutions and their specialized agencies. Thus, the CIS Executive Committee has working contacts with the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, relevant units of the OSCE, SCO, and CSTO.

In this regard I would like to stress that the Executive Committee of the CIS, and its bodies for cooperation in different areas, are ready for developing diversified cooperation with CICA with a view to provide trust, stability and security in Eurasian region. Let me wish every success to all the participants of this meeting.

Thank you for the attention.