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Statement by H.E. Dr. Dipu Moni

Minister of Foreign Affairs

People’s Republic of Bangladesh


Hon’ble Foreign Ministers and heads of delegations

Mr. Executive Director of CICA Secretariat


Ladies and gentlemen                          

Good morning!

It is indeed a matter of great pleasure for me to be present here in this beautiful city of Astana at this important 20th Commemorative Session of the Council of Foreign Ministers of CICA [Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia]. I would like to join other distinguished delegations in conveying our sincere gratitude to the people and the government of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the warm hospitality extended to us and the excellent arrangements made for this meeting.

I would particularly like to appreciate H.E. President Nursultan Nazarbaev for his inspiring inaugural statement. I would like to note significant contribution made by Kazakhstan to the formation of the CICA as well as moving forward the activities of this Organisation. CICA has contributed to achieving peace, security and stability in Asia. It is indeed a timely occasion to celebrate 20 years of working towards confidence building through dialogue for peace and prosperity in Asia. I congratulate both the Foreign Ministers of Turkey-the current Chair of CICA and Kazakhstan-the initiator of CICA for their effective role to steer the CICA initiatives to a newer height!

Mr. Chairman,

I am happy to inform this august gathering that Bangladesh is actively considering applying for full membership of CICA very soon! You are aware that Bangladesh became observer of CICA in 2010. Now given the geo-political importance as well as social, economic and security dimensions of the activities of CICA, I feel it is high time; we join this Organisation as a full member for active participation. 

Mr. Chairman,

The inextricable link between peace and development cannot be over-emphasized. In Bangladesh, we have achieved progress in food self-sufficiency, enrolment in primary education, gender parity, infant and child mortality, immunization coverage, supply of safe drinking water, and sanitation. Our collective development strategy must include attention and enhanced cooperation in these areas. Many of our nations, including Bangladesh, are the worst victims of climate change, despite their negligible contribution to greenhouse gas emission. The erratic pattern of natural disasters - flood, drought, cyclones, and tidal surges, with increased frequency and ferocity, is negatively affecting our development efforts and undermining our food security. Also, climate change-induced displacement of people has now become a major concern for us. Bangladesh is willing to work together in dealing with climate change issues under the aegis of this organisation.

Mr. Chairman,

We need to find ways to address the issue of terrorism as many of us are often the victims of terrorism. While we are against equating terrorism with legitimate struggle for freedom against unjust occupation, we cannot condone mindless and indiscriminate terrorist acts directed at innocent civilians - whether Muslim or non-Muslim. We need to nurture a culture of peace, understanding and tolerance within our societies to keep those few from going astray. There is need for regular dialogue to promote understanding and tolerance not just among different faiths and civilizations but also within our societies.

Mr. Chairman,

Bangladesh is deeply committed to the provisions of the UN charter and other international covenants with her visible and proactive role in the international arena. Bangladesh firmly believes that the threat of use of nuclear weapons by any country - both declared and non-declared holder of such weapons- is contrary to international law. Bangladesh attaches high importance to security assurances which are a matter of great interest to all non-nuclear Weapon states. We support the total elimination of nuclear weapons which remains the best security assurances against the use or threat of use of nuclear weapons. We appreciate the Government of Kazakhstan for the initiatives for a Nuclear-Weapon-free World.

Achieving peace and development is normally a slow process. It is the spirit of cooperation that can expedite attaining our goals. The CICA provides us with the platform to cooperate with each other. I am very hopeful that this Commemorative session of the Council of Foreign Ministers would make a breakthrough in our quest for peace, security development and stability in Asia.

I thank you, Mr. Chairman.