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Statement by H.E. Mr. Ghanim bin Fadhul Al Buainain

Minister of State for Foreign Affairs

The Kingdom of Bahrain

Mr. President

Distinguished Heads of Delegations

It gives me great pleasure to participate on behalf of Bahrain in this key forum.

As newcomer to diplomatic work, with my vast interests in political work at the national and international levels, my appreciation continues to deepen on the importance of solving problems and overcoming obstacles as well as develop innovative ideas.

Perhaps what our organization signifies in its name is the unique model of an international and regional organization in view of its links to the Asian continent and its efforts to interact and build confidence among its countries.

I am not adding anything new when I say that the Asian continent is the continent of the future. It is the largest in the world, containing countries with the largest areas and populations.

This, however, does not reduce the importance and the role of other countries with smaller populations and areas with limited resources.

Each country has its role, importance and active participation, with such models as Singapore and my country the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Bahrain has been a leading example in human development and ranks high in human development reports issued by the United Nations.

It is an outstanding model in caring for issues related to human rights and social unit, where in this regard following the events in Bahrain in February and March 2011, His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa issued a Royal Decree for the setting up of an independent Bahraini committee to investigate.

This move was unprecedented at the international level and the government of Bahrain implemented most of the recommendations and continues to implement the remaining ones.

The Kingdom of Bahrain also held a National Dialogue that comprised the participation of all political powers and resulted in a number of recommendations being issued in the political, constitutional, economic, social and cultural fields.

These were presented to His Majesty the King, who issued a Decree that stipulated amending the constitution in line with the proposals from the National Dialogue.

Mr. President

We would like to reiterate our praise to the initiative of President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, that had been backed by Asian countries and resulted in the formation of our organization to now celebrate its 20th anniversary.

We still look forward to an increase in co-operation and strengthening of ties between Asian countries.

I would like to praise the role of Turkey under the leadership of its President Abdullah Gül and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan for holding under their patronage the previous conference and session during their country’s presidency.

Mr. President

The principles that are the foundations of our organization have been adopted by humanity throughout the eras and recorded in the provisions of international agreements and doctrines, most outstanding of which is the United Nations Charter.

It stipulates the principles of respecting the national sovereignty of countries, not interfering in internal affairs and resolving disputes in a peaceful manner.

This is in addition to the keenness to build trust for the elimination of any disputes, tensions or misunderstandings among member states.

All of this expresses the foreign policy of the Kingdom of Bahrain, which it continues to call for in all international events.

We live at a time of international understanding and harmony, but this does not mean there are no problems of an international or regional nature that can be resolved within a regional framework as a first step based on the provisions of the Eighth Chapter of the UN Charter.

Mr. President

It is imperative that we talk about the importance of the Palestinian case in this key gathering. It is your top priority case as it is ours. It is a case of people seeking freedom, determination of destiny and establishing an independent state on its land.

The Palestinian people are suffering from constant repression, destruction of their agricultural resources and draining of their water resources.

This is in addition to cutting off the links of its lands with the establishments of settlements at various parts in the West Bank.

There is no doubt that this is a threat to peace and stability in the Middle East as well that of the international community.

In this regard, we call for the backing for the establishment of an independent Palestinian State with Al Quds as its capital on Palestinian land based on UN resolutions, the relevant Islamic conferences and international agreements and initiatives.

The most important of which are the Arab Peace Initiative that was approved at the Arab Summit in 2002 in Beirut and was further affirmed in summits that followed as well as International Quartet Initiatives.

Sadly, all these peaceful initiatives have not received any positive response from Israel.

Mr. President

I wanted to share with you some of the concerns of the foreign policies of the Kingdom of Bahrain and repeat my thanks for the kind hospitality of the government and people of the Republic of Kazakhstan.