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Statement by H.E Mr. Shamil Aleskerov
Ambassador at large of Republic of Azerbaijan,

Distinguished Mr. Chairman,
Heads of delegation,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Allow me to express our heartfelt gratitude to the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan H. E. Mr. Nursultan Nazarbayev and the friendly people of Kazakhstan for traditionally warm hospitality extended to the delegation of Azerbaijan and the excellent organization of the Meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA).

I have the honour to convey the best wishes of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Elmar Mammedjarov   on successful outcome of the 3rd Ministerial Meeting.

We welcome with pleasure Jordan and the United Arab Emirates as new full fledged CICA Member States and Qatar as Observer.
Azerbaijan attaches a great significance to development of cooperation within the CICA framework and to Forum’s evolution as a full-fledged international platform for deliberations on security issues in the Asian region. In this regard, in 2007 the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan made a voluntary contribution of USD100,000 for the budget of the CICA Secretariat and implementation of projects for strengthening confidence building measures.

It is a pleasure to note that since the Second CICA Summit, Kazakhstan Chairmanship has successfully established the Secretariat of the Forum and took a number of effective measures on its institutional development. Azerbaijan is ready to further support the measures taken by the Chair aimed at strengthening the process of cooperation within the CICA framework.

Mr. Chairman,

There is a high level of political contacts among the CICA States. We are united by issues of regional security. It would be desirable that within the CICA framework we could make progress in the field of economic cooperation as well.

In this context, implementation of projects on creating effective and secure transport corridors can create absolutely new conditions for regional development within the CICA framework.

Azerbaijan is ready to play an active role in transport and communication projects in the Eurasian region. We are actively participating in the East-West transport project. The issue of reconstruction of the historical Silk Road is of a great interest for regional development and also for establishing ties between Europe and Asia.

Presently we are actively working on an important project for strengthening the rail communication system between Europe and Asia. And in this context, Azerbaijan is the country across which this natural bridge between Asia and Europe passes. Azerbaijan attaches great importance to the North-South transport corridor, and is actively participating in it. Our country is ready to provide the transport infrastructure for mutually beneficial usage by the State Partners.

Development of transport corridors within the CICA region is the backbone of such a bridge and can considerably promote cooperation in other associated sectors of economy.

We consider that it is vital to jointly combat terrorism, organized crime and illegal drug trafficking which are the most obvious and dangerous threats to modern lines of transport and communication.

Law enforcement structures, security agencies and border control agencies of our countries have a special role in this regard and have already succeeded in establishing and developing practical cooperation on a number of issues of common concern.

Facilitating settlement of conflicts in strict conformity with principles and norms of international law should be one of the major goals in the joint activity. It is necessary to pay attention to the cases where decisions adopted by international organizations have not been implemented; and to use relevant measures of collective pressure from the international community. Unfortunately, there are a number of bitter examples of non-adherence to these requirements. In particular, in the Armenian-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, although Armenia is persistently refusing to withdraw its armed forces from the occupied Azerbaijani territories and is trying to impose conditions for the peace on the basis of the status quo, still it remains unpunished notwithstanding the fact that the parties of this conflict share the same responsibility. It is happening in a situation where differences between an aggressor and a victim are obvious.

One of the most crucial issues of present time is the of problem eradicating terrorism. It is necessary to carry out composite measures taking into account all modern existing factors such as poverty, discriminating relations, national and religious intolerance and humanitarian crises.

Mr. Chairman,

Security and stable development of Azerbaijan equally depends on security and stable development of Europe and Asia, with our state being a part of it, and common political climate in the Eurasian region. Azerbaijan considers the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia as a highly useful instrument for strengthening security, improving the Asian policy, facilitating to the fullest extent of the potential of cooperation with immediate and distant neighbors.

Asian region, with enormous resources, rich potential for development and valuable cultural heritage rooted in the most ancient ages, deserves the best future, the future without discords and wars, the future which will be noted by prosperity and harmony.

In conclusion I once again wish to emphasize with deep gratitude the active and initiating role of the Republic of Kazakhstan, its distinguished President Mr. Nazarbayev in creating this Forum.

Thank you for your attention