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Statement by H.E. Mr. Aziz Arianfar
Ambassador of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Dear Mr. Mаrat Tazhin,

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

It is a great honour for me to participate in the ceremonial meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the CICA Member States in the Pearl City - Almaty and to speak on behalf of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

Allow me to convey the best wishes to the participants on behalf of H. E. Minister of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan who, unfortunately, can not participate in today's meeting.

Afghanistan, as one of CICA Members from its inception, takes active part in all its events. Participation of President H.E. Mr. Hamid Karzai in the first CICA Summit of Heads of State and Government and participation of the Minister of Foreign Affairs in the first and second CICA Ministerial Meetings, as well as participation of the high level representatives of Afghanistan in various events are true indicators of the respect of our country towards this organization.

Availing of this opportunity, I express high gratitude to the CICA for condemning terrorist acts in Afghanistan particularly taking hostage of the large group from Republic of Korea.

We also express appreciation for an appeal of the CICA on rendering humanitarian aid to Afghanistan during the drought and shortage of food, on the basis of which Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic and Turkey rendered us gratuitous aid. We are deeply grateful to these three brotherly countries and we hope that other CICA Member States will join this process that completely corresponds to the goals and principles of the CICA.

In recent years Afghanistan has made big achievements despite the fact that it is facing huge challenges and threats in combating international terrorism, religious extremism and narco-business.

We believe that in the conditions of globalization and regionalization, it is necessary to pay special attention not only to an integration paradigm (in all its aspects, i.e., economic, cultural etc.) but also on challenges that are inherent in the present stage of development of humanity and which threaten not only to our countries and regions but the world as a whole. These are threats of international terrorism, narco-business, religious extremism, separatism etc.

Dramatic and even the tragic situation in Afghanistan - the country which became a victim of the world terrorism, religious fanaticism and extremism and also narco-business has led to destabilization in the entire Asian region and the world as a whole. The distressed Afghan people, to our much regret, have become the hostage of terrorism, extremism and narco-business.

Since the threat represents a world scale phenomenon, the Afghan people and government can not bear such a heavy burden alone. Therefore, it is necessary to have world wide efforts and joint fight against these threats, as well as more active participation of the world community in restoration and reconstruction processes of Afghanistan and in supporting development of deepening democratic process in the country. The people and government of Afghanistan are deeply grateful for support and the help of the friendly countries. The Paris Conference has shown that the world community feels the big responsibility concerning Afghanistan. Also the people and government of Afghanistan expect from our neighbour – Pakistan, on whose  territory terrorist and extremist gangs operate and constantly perpetrate diversions and acts of terrorism thus revealing  aggression, as well as certain groups who have hostile attitude towards Afghanistan, to more seriously and strongly fight terrorism and extremism.

Afghanistan expresses readiness within the CICA framework to act as co-coordinator with Republic of Turkey in the field of new challenges and threats and with Iran in the field of combating illicit drugs.

I take an opportunity to express a hope of successful outcome of the present Meeting and I hope that the CICA will achieve its goals.
Thank you for attention.