Forthcoming Events

Meeting of the CICA Special Working Group (SWG)

Date and time: 28-29 September 2022, 10.00 (by the time of Astana, GMT + 06)

Venue: Rixos President Astana hotel, D.Kunayev Street 7, Astana city, Republic of Kazakhstan 

Host: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, assisted by the CICA Secretariat

Event format: offline  

Participants: representatives of the CICA Member States

The CICA Special Working Group Meeting (SWG) will continue consideration of draft documents to be adopted at the upcoming Sixth CICA Summit on 12-13 October 2022 in Astana: draft Astana Statement on CICA Transformation, draft CICA Leaders’ Statement on Cooperation in the Field of Security of and in the Use of ICTs and draft CICA Plan of Action on the Implementation of the UNGCTS.

For more information and registration (for CICA Member States only): the CICA Secretariat: