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Secretariat of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia

The Secretariat of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA) is the permanent administrative body of the Conference which exercises its functions in accordance with the principles and purposes laid down in the Almaty Act, CICA Rules of Procedures and the Statute of the Secretariat. The Secretariat was established on 17 June 2006 and is located in Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan. 

The Secretariat provides administrative, organizational and technical support for meetings and other activities of the CICA. It maintains the archive of the CICA documents and acts as a clearing house for documents and information received from the Member States and international organizations and fora. It disseminates general information on CICA as well as information on the implementation on Confidence Building Measures among the Member States. The Secretariat assists the Chairing country in performance of its functions and performs other tasks and obligations, assigned by the CICA Heads of State or Government, Ministers of Foreign Affairs and the Senior Officials Committee. The Secretariat is empowered to initiate and establish links with Secretariats or relevant bodies of other international and regional organizations and fora, subject to the approval of the Member States.

The Secretariat comprises of the Executive Director, the Deputy Executive Director, Professional Personnel and General/support personnel. The Executive Director is appointed by the CICA Ministers of Foreign Affairs upon recommendation of the Member State Chairing the Conference from its nationals. The Executive Director holds the office during the chairmanship of the concerned Member State. The Deputy Executive Director is also appointed by the CICA Ministers of Foreign Affairs upon recommendation of the Senior Officials Committee for a period of three years. The professional personnel are seconded by the Member States while General/support personnel are hired on contractual basis from among the nationals of the Member States.

The expenditure on remuneration, accommodation, maintenance etc. of the Executive Director, Deputy Executive Director and the Professional Personnel is met by the respective sending states. Expenditure on day to day functioning of the Secretariat, including pay and allowances of general/support staff, is met from the voluntary contributions made by the Member States to the the budget of the Secretariat.



Basic goals:                                          To assist the Chairman and Member States of CICA in joint development of mechanisms for realization of the CICA Confidence Building Measures in economic, ecological and human dimensions; in the field of countering the new challenges and threats; and eventually in military-political dimensions.

Basic documents:                                 Statute of the CICA Secretariat (2006), Financial regulations of the CICA Secretariat (2006), Guidelines for CICA’s External Relations (2007), Host Country Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Secretariat of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia regarding the terms and conditions of the Secretariat’s location in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2007).

Executive Director:                    Mr. Habibullo Mirzozoda                 

Dy. Executive Director:             Ms. Anel Bakytbekkyzy

Professional Personnel:             Diplomats from China, India, Russia, Kazakhstan.

Date of Establishment:             17 June 2006

Working Languages:                 English and Russian 

Address:                                           26, Azirbayzhan Mambetov street, Nur-Sultan

                                                     010000, Republic of Kazakhstan

Telephone:                               +7 7172 576510; 

E-mail:                                      s-cica@s-cica.kz

Website:                                   www.s-cica.org    




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