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by Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Kairat Abdrakhmanov at the Special Meeting of CICA

Ministers of Foreign Affairs
(New York, September 24, 2018)

Honorable Ministers!            
I am glad to have this opportunity to meet with you all again.
First of all I would like to  express my gratitude to the Republic of Tajikistan for convening today’s meeting,  which is devoted to the handover of the Chairmanship of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence-Building Measures in Asia and also the appointment of a new Executive Director of the CICA Secretariat from the Tajik side.
In this regard let me congratulate Tajikistan, which was unanimously elected by all CICA member states.
I would also like to congratulate Mr. Habibullo Mirzoyev on his appointment as the new Executive Director of the CICA Secretariat. I wish the Republic of Tajikistan and personally Mr. Mirzoyev every success during the chairmanship.
Kazakhstan is ready to provide comprehensive support for Tajikistan’s chairmanship and we call on China and Turkey as previous chairs, as well as all other member states for their assistance to the Republic of Tajikistan in future activities.
I am confident that the upcoming chairmanship of Tajikistan in this geographicallyunique multilateral forum will greatly enrich its agenda and will strengthen mutual understanding and respect among Asian countries during challenging times for the region. I also hope that closer cooperation will be established between the CICA Secretariat and executive bodies of various international organizations including the UN, OSCE, ACD, as well as Asian regional organizations such as ASEAN, SAARC, ECO, and EAEU. 
Dear colleagues!
Allow me, on behalf of all CICA member states, to express my gratitude to the People’s Republic of China for its support and contribution to the development of the CICA process.
During the Chinese chairmanship a new and important stage has begun, aimed at ensuring sustainable development and cooperation in Asia. Initiatives such as the Youth Council, the Business Council and the NGO Forum have become effective channels for the further promotion of CICA’s security concept.
I would also like to thank Mr. Gong Jianwei for his effective leadership as Executive Director of the CICA Secretariat. His team made great efforts to push forward CICA’s goals reflected in the unique document - the Catalogue of Confidence Building Measures. The Secretariat also published a Collection of CICA documents dedicated to the 25th Anniversary of the Conference.
You will remember that during last year’s UN General Assembly, a statement was released by Ministers of Foreign Affairs of CICA Member States on its25th Anniversary. It outlined a new stage in the development of the CICA process. Most notably, the statement focused on enhancing the effectiveness of the organization by expanding its geographical coverage.
I am delighted that the CICA has welcomed new members in recent years, including Bangladesh and the State of Qatar. Observer status has also been granted to the Laos People's Democratic Republic, the Republic of Belarus and the International Organization for Migration (IOM). Let me also congratulate all members of the Forum on the accession of the CICA’s 27th member - the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka (which officially joined on August 15, 2018). 
Dear Mr. Chairman!
Dear Ministers!
The initiative to establish the Organization for Security and Development in Asia (OSDA), first proposed by President Nazarbayev at the 4thShanghai CICA Summit, is now more relevant than ever.
Kazakhstan is always open for discussions on the draft concept of the OSDA and we hope for your support and active involvement in deliberations.
To discuss such transformational issues, we must also invite the international scientific and academic communities. Their expert knowledge can assist us in the development of recommendations which will help to further institutionalize the CICA.
In conclusion, I would once again like to thank all of you for your dedication and commitment to the goals and principles of CICA, and to assure you that Kazakhstan, as its initiator, will continue to play an active role in this process.

Thank you for your attention.

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